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I love all my readings from Amelia. Her words from the angels mouths to my ears feels clear, present and loving. She is an open and compassionate individual. I go to her whenever I have need of something I struggle with and require the wisdom of my angels. I have had other readings and Amelia is someone I come back to. She has lovely energy and her information is very useful.
I’m very happy I found her!

I'm very happy I found Amelia!

I just had a reading she was amazing I was feeling down and she encouraged me to keep moving forward it’ll be worth it. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

Gloria Martinez Ferns

“I received a reading and she really gave me things to think about. She saw the problems with my job and that I was going to have my own business. She also gave me some information that got me thinking, issues from my past that I had tried to forget but, needed to deal with. She gave me a great gift and I am most thankful.”

Trish Callaway

I just had an amazing reading. She gave me the guidance from my guides to achieve my goals. It was emotional and accurate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart in helping me out on my journey

Agapi Thomas

I had a great reading and many things that she said were bang on. Made me happy and looking forward to my future. Excited about my new job that awaits me and getting connected more to my angels. thank you again!

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