How to connect with a lost loved one

Losing someone it does not mean that they have left you forever. Loss is a natural moving on of a path from the physical to spiritual. Those souls live on, greater now, combining the newly learned lessons and experiences into their already existing soul. So now, as they return to the non-physical they exist with greater understand of their paths, of their lessons and of their existence. Connecting to them is possible, as you learn to establish a clearer communication.

How to communicate with a deceased.

Not all of the recently deceased souls are available for connection, however; as some choose to quickly ascend into greater expansion and new lessons that require all of their soul presence. It is safe to say, however, that at least 90% of lost souls are always with you whenever you need to. Many of them even choose to stay as your spirit guides through the non-physical, always looking after and empowering you.

10 ways to connect with a lost loved one

Connect with a lost loved one through Meditation

Meditation is a great source of connection as you remove your conscious over-thinking from the equation, and you can easier merge into higher consciousness and perceive communication through images, or emotions or even physic hearing.

Here’s how you go about it:

a) Understand that you might not be able to establish a connection every time, as many times you might not succeed in quieting the mind enough. Let that be okay, and continue trying as each time you learn and make it easier for you to remain quiet.

b) Set the intention of connecting with a specific loved one, before you begin. Ask them to come forward and reveal themselves to you through meditation in a clear and precise way for you to understand.

c) Ask that you are always protected by your angels before you begin, and ask them to help you raise your vibration to better establish a connection.

d) Quiet your mind and remove thought. Focus on your heart beating, on your breath as it enters in and out of your body so that you don’t allow any other thoughts to prevail.

e) Let whatever you receive be okay. Even if that is an emotion, a smell, a knowing, Let that be enough.

d) Always thank your angels and guides, and loved ones as they always hear and join you, even you weren’t able to connect with them.

Connect with a lost loved one through intuition

Intuition is a powerful ally. Many times as you ask someone to be with you, you perceive pieces of information as they come from them. you might get a thought that doesn’t come from you or have an impulse to do something that you wouldn’t normally do. This is made possible through the connection that they have with you. they are able to send you energy thoughts that you perceive through your intuition. You can ask them to come forward and connect with you, in any day that you are relaxed enough. The more relaxed you are, the better you can distinguish that guidance.

You can even make it a daily habit, to let some time during the day to simply ask them to connect through your intuition.

When this happens, pay attention to your thoughts and insights that come to you. Most spirits are very skilled in sending you guided thoughts.

Connect with a lost loved one through dreams

If you had a dream of them during the night, that is a clear confirmation that they try to make a connection with you, or that they have something to say to you. Most of the times, many spirits connect through our dreams when we are mourning their loss, just to help us deal with their absence.

You can ask for them to join you in your dream state, and ask your guides to help you remember that in the morning.


Connect with a lost loved one through ANIMALS

Animals are better receivers of souls, as they don’t have an ego mind. They can easily be influenced to act in a certain way, just enough for you to notice. So has your new cat been jumping on a bed that your lost loved one used to sleep on, or enter into the closet of their clothes, perhaps the dog of a friend suddenly can’t stop following you around? The animals do sense the connection and try to pass on love.

Many times parts of a soul, chooses to incarnate as a new pet, just to help you deal with their loss. If you are a cat lover you might enjoy this article too.

Connect with a lost loved one through songs

If a song keeps repeating on the radio, you might need to pay attention to the words, as they might convey a message to you.

As you ask for a loved one to make a connection, one of the ways they do that is through songs.

Connect with a lost loved one through smells

If you smell a fragrance that reminds you of a lost loved one, it’s probably them. That is a great time to tune in and listen through your intuition.

You can ask them to send you a specific fragrance in confirmation of something. That can usually work with skilled spirits.

Connect with a lost loved one through other people

You know that person you saw the other day and reminded you of them? Well, did it ever occur to you, you didn’t see them randomly?

What about a phrase someone said that stuck to you? Does it sound familiar?

Souls do this to either let you know they are there with you or to help you deal with something. Either way, pay attention and be grateful that they have come forward to connect.

You can always tune in and reply to them through prayer.

Connect with a lost loved one through synchronicities

This is a very usual form of communication used not only by souls but with angels and spirit guides as well. They align with time to send you a message that you will see in a particular time and space. Don’t disregard synchronicities as random; just give a deeper look into it. Many times those synchronicities repeat to grab your attention.

These synchronicities can be anything from a sentence you hear all the time, to a number, to an item you keep seeing. If it seems like a message, it usually is.

Connect with a lost loved one through memories

Many times a specific moment of the past lights up in your mind, you suddenly remember details of the past you have forgotten. Your lost loved one might be sending you this information to help you notice their presence.

Connect with a lost loved one through objects

Energy lives on until it is cleared and removed. If an item belonged to your lost loved one, then it holds part of their energy. As you hold it and quiet your mind, you might be able to connect with them more clearly and receive insights through your intuition, or even emotions.

Many times they use those objects to grab your attention, as it is easier to connect with energy with them. If an item they owned or used suddenly gets misplaced, or moves and you have no idea who moved it, or even when light sparks through them and grab your attention, it is another clear sign of their presence.

To connect with them, simply hold that item and speak to them. Know they are already there.

Bear in mind that not all spirits have the same gifts. Just like humans, someone might be skilled in art, but not in science, for instance; similarly, a spirit might be skilled to tunning into animals and not into sending fragrances. If you try it and it doesn’t work, try another way. You will eventually find the better means of communication that works for both of you.

Many times, if they soul has great work to do in the spirit realm; they might not appear as frequently as they used to. Do not think they have forgotten you, as that can never be. Know they are always there when you really need them, regardless of whether you feel their presence or not.

Be comforted knowing that you will see them again, once both of you are in spirit. What a great feeling that brings.


Amelia Bert is an author of 7 books? Find them here.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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