11 reasons the ascension symptoms are a good thing

ascension symptoms heaviness

Ascension density and heaviness

Those of you who go through the ascension, you will face moments of utter joy as well as moments of intense negativity, density, anxiety, distress as many abnormal symptoms arise in your mind and body. This might take you off guard and spiral you down the worry path unable to shift back to a positive state for a while. If you know what I mean then you went through it one too many times already. I’m writing this article to remind you that there are many reasons you’re going through all the shifts now proof that the density you face is to be celebrated instead of run away from.

The mind has a funny way of trying to protect you when you go through something that the rational mind can’t understand. It tries to find ways to show you that something is not normal. It searches the memory to find similar experiences that brings up through your thoughts to try and justify what you face. If you went through trauma for instance that caused you severe anxiety in the past, now it might bring it up to alert you that something like that is happening again. And boom, your anxiety spirals and you begin to worry and resist the shift happening.

One thing is for sure, when you resist, the symptoms worsen. When you fear, they worsen some more.

So I want to snap you out of the spiral of negativity by reminding you 11 reasons the dense ascension symptoms that can cause fear are in fact worthy of celebration, regardless the negative symptoms you experience.

11 reasons the dense ascension symptoms are positive

1) What you face is proof of your ascension. No you are not going crazy, no there’s NOTHING wrong with you!! Yes, I’m sure. I’ll say that again so that it will sink in: There’s NOTHING wrong with you!

You’re either tapping into collective energies and transmuting them, being shown inner fears as they release, or receive light codes that will expand you in higher frequency. What you face is absolutely normal. Each time you have a symptom stop and appreciate the feeling of it, as a confirmation of how much you are expanding.


2) You are a lightworker, an earth angel that has agreed to reincarnate here and now at this time to help Gaia, and humanity. You are a treasure to be celebrated. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your path is grant and powerful and absolutely jaw-dropping. Much more powerful than any profession on the physical world. On behalf of the entire universe I thank you. Without you the shift wouldn’t be possible. You face all these shifts first hand to help the entire collective and the earth. This is mind-blowing. You are absolutely amazing.


3) You were chosen to come here now because God or the universe has faith in you, knows that you will successfully complete this journey of ascension. You are not here randomly. In fact you are very special because this mission is not cut out for just any one. The reason why you face the symptoms and others are not, is just proof that you are meant to experience them.


4) Know that your natural state of being is love and happiness. If you face anxiety, sadness, anger , negativity of any kind, those are signs that help to return you to a higher vibration. Here’s why: many times if you face density, it makes its way out from within you and that is being felt. Other times, those negative thoughts or fears show you that there’s an issue that you need to work with your guides in order to return you to a more elevated state. Lastly, when you are tapping into the collective and all that density is not even your own, you subconsciously help the world ascend just by feeling all of it, and then shifting back to love. Did I say you are special yet?


5) You are a beacon of light for the earth. To be honest earth was not doing so good so the reason you agreed was to help it rise in frequency. To do that you receive all the lights codes and you anchor them within the earth. You are a mediator of energy. On the other hand, you help it release debris, by receiving it and transforming it to light. This happens unconsciously. You have all the programs that work without you realizing the powerful work you are doing. However many times you feel the shift, but as the ego mind can’t understand it all, you become worried. There’s nothing wrong. You help save the world that’s all!


6) If you feel the shift, then there is a powerful rise in consciousness (regardless of the density you face in the moment). The whole world begins to awake and ascend. This hasn’t happened before! This is so grant and massive to be able to be here for it. It will be written in Akashic record history forever, you are one of the heroes! You are part of this massive shift. How wonderful is that?


7) Every time you face distress, density, fear or anything of that sort, something powerful is shifting. In fact the more dense the energy, the more powerful the release. All that is temporary for you, but for the collective, for the shift underway it is permanent. Just trust that what you go through never goes in vain.


8) The more you face the density, the more you can work through its illusion and break free from it. That’s right. The easier it becomes to deal with it. You find your own mechanisms to cope with it and ultimately it won’t be so scary. Just trust that it will get better. Keep returning to love and the feeling that this shift is positive.


9) It is great time to connect with your guides and with the Divine. Pray, ask them for help. Ask them to hug you, to help you know they are there, to connect you with a higher frequency. Through those moments of weakness, you are in fact never alone. You have help. So many guides and angels oversee and help you, because they know you are in powerful mission and they want to help you. So ask them. Feel them there. Make it a time to bond some more. They love to help you, you see.


10) You become powerful because of what you go through now. Tune inwards, meditate, find inner peace, find joy among the heaviness that is being brought up. Each time you notice and allow the density, but you manage to shift to love, the light wins. You bring more light to the world and shines away the darkness. That’s how powerful you are.


11) Remember that all you go through are Divinely guided. Nothing happens randomly. You are in fact meant to go through this. Trust in the universe; it always has your back. Always. If you want to feel the universe guiding you ask it for help:

I ask for God / universe to please lift away all the density from me. I give it to you. Send me love and light now, help me to realign to a higher vibration.


Did those 11 facts help you to find some ease? Remember that regardless of how you feel in the moment, the shifts occurring are tremendous. Celebrate them. Use the density and shift it to love. Celebrate them instead of resist them. Dance through them, be grateful for them. In the beginning it might be difficult but in time that ego mind will stop bringing up negative thoughts and the journey will become easier.

How to detach from density and return to love

To be honest the density can be too heavy to bare at times. In those moments, just remember it’s okay to go through it. Go outside and sit under a tree. Or if you can’t find a quiet place.


“I detach from the collective density.”

Then focus on your breathing to help return you to peace.

You can call in your guides to help:

“Guides and angels of the highest realm of love and light that can most assist me now, join me. Shower me with divine light that cleanses away distress, that releases density. Send me a light bath to help my energies align to a higher vibration.”

And just breathe, be, allow.

I know you can do it. Remember it is temporary you are meant to be in love, light and peace because that is your path, and the universe and your spiritual team helps you achieve that.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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  1. Thank you so much for this, Amelia – and Divine Beings of Light. I am in tears – this makes so much sense and confirms, not only confirms! But comforts me in all that I’ve been going through. My heart-felt thanks to you all. Love & Light 4EVER! ~ Laura <3

  2. Thank you!!!!

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