11 ways to Brighten the dark night of the soul

Regardless if you  are just going through your spiritual awakening, or if you experience the shifts of the powerful energy transformation we face, there are times that you might feel so much intensity that it gets really uncomfortable. We need a SOS aid as we go through a massive transformation of our entire essence because Lots of symptoms suffice in our bodies, emotions, in the way we think triggering all sorts of fears and uncomfortable thoughts within us.

As you evolve spiritually, – – similar to any sort of transformation – – it is rather normal to go through powerful shifts. With this article I give you emergency tools that you can use at any time when everything else doesn’t seem to help.

Why we face the dark-night- of the soul

I have to admit, there are times that I become upset, triggered, fearful, or completely out of alignment that nothing seems to make sense at that moment, and all I want to do is to return to peace, to love, to ease.

If you go through your own spiritual ascension, you are very sensitive to energy, you receive what we call “downloads of light” that help you wash out density, low vibrational beliefs, trauma, fears that are held in your being, as well as gain “activations” of your true divine blueprint. Those might give you a new way to view the world, upgrade your senses, your psychic gifts, as well as help you remember parts of your true essence. They might even unlock powerful new abilities, skills, and talents. As that happens however, you feel the shift happening within you, and all sorts of symptoms suffice. (read: 11 reasons ascension symptoms are a good thing )

Fear is not a pretty experience to have, and unfortunately it is a go to programming in our subconscious whenever we experience something intense, new or uncomfortable. The truth is, whatever symptom you face, the mind tries to understand a reason behind it, it automatically searches through the information stored in the amygdala of your brain, and tries to find similar emotions or frequency experiences (such as trauma or fears) that you have held there, to justify what’s going on the body. During those shifts, the body faces intensity and many often it is filled with all sorts of frequencies and emotions.

The brain picks up any fears or memories resembling that frequency and convinces you that’s what we go through now. (Far from it.) Thus, you become over sensitive, fearful as it is a programming to respond to those thoughts and fears and memories brought up.

On top of the intensity held in the body due to the shifts you face, you have to suffer the monkey-mind that triggers all sorts of density from our past experiences, emotions and traumas.

Those can last hours to days, to weeks and we need a strong support system to help us navigate through them. Those moments get dark, they get fearful because you are constantly sucked in the fearful mind that generates all sorts of what-ifs scenarios that feel too overwhelming.

Tools to help you shift to a higher vibration quickly

You need those SOS tools to just soothe us and help you feel more elevated even if for a little while.

During those high intensity moments/ days, you can’t sit still, relax nor focus, so the tools that have to do with meditation, breathing, or sitting with those emotions, just don’t work! (At least not for me.)

So here are 11 ways that can help the monkey mind chill, and give you a break!


  1. Call for Divine light beings to take care of what you go through so that you feel better. This simple prayer relieves so much fear, worry and burdens because you really don’t have to face it alone. You assign it all to your spiritual team to clear for you, and help you return to a higher vibration.

The instructions are simple, try to focus on the words you speak. Place your hand on your heart. Count to 5 and say this prayer:


“I call for 100 thousand Angels, Archangels, ascended masters, my spiritual light team, and any of the most benevolent high vibrational light beings that can be here for my highest and greatest good, join me. Enter into the space I am, clear and elevate my energy now. Lift away all fears, worries, negative energy from my mind, body and spirit and any density from my space.

Please relieve this burden from me (you can name what fearful thought bothers you) carry it away, and make sure that anything revolving it, is sorted according to my highest and greatest good. Return me to a higher vibration now, and be with me today, to help me feel safe, elevated and peaceful. Thank you, And so it is.”

Repeat x3 times out loud, really hear the words you speak.


A simple prayer calls so many light beings to help you that you can’t help but feel safe and more elevated. Go about your day knowing that all is taken care of.


  1. Dance – that energy needs to move through and clear. The intensity will ease once that happens, so pick your favorite songs and move to the beat of the rhythm. Sing if you can do, really let that energy flow. Do this until you feel your energy shift.


  1. Shift your thoughts. Those fearful thoughts you have, also have their opposite high vibrational end. If you have a fear that just won’t go away for now, I ask you: what will make those fears settle? If any Angel would confirm to you that everything will be alright, in what way would that happen?

If for instance a fearful thought is: anxiety is bad,

An opposite high vibrational thought will be: anxiety is good. In fact it is! Especially during the ascension here’s the article – how to master anxiety like a boss.

Or if you are worried that something bad might happen to someone, a beautiful thought to have is that: that person is surrounded by angels and he/she is very protected. – – call the angels to protect them too.

If you are worried about money running out – – a beautiful thought would be: I’m constantly overflowing with money.

How that would feel like? What would it be like?

Ask the universe to give you that and keep believing that it’s done.

Here’s the key; every positive thought you have is x100 times stronger than a negative, so keep affirming and believing the new thought.

What will make you feel relieved? Think that instead every time!


  1. Know that what you go through is good thing and others experience it too; and that what I go through matters; it is to achieve something positive for myself or for the world. Once I know others feel that too, or when I see proof through the schumann resonance, or through reports from the space weather, that there’s a justification; I feel so relieved and grateful. Reach out to others, find people that go through similar things as you just to confirm that you’re going through the ascension. Sharing what you feel also helps. I invite you to join my ascension support group as well here

Or find an ascension coach to help you.

Remember It is a beautiful thing going through these experiences, even if it gets intense.


  1. Positive self-talk. Talk to yourself like a loving high vibrational being that you are. Remind yourself that you feel all these because you’re shifting to a higher vibration, that you are transforming. Be excited for all the positive shifts you will soon notice within yourself. Remember how you’re such a powerful light being that you can so quickly return to higher frequency once those shifts are over, you don’t even have to do anything about it, you will naturally align with the frequency that feels good.

Remember how many times before you faced that and it has indeed helped to be happier and more powerful.

Give yourself a positive pep-talk and continue generating soothing thoughts until you feel better.

Here’s an affirmation video I’ve done to help – Ascension affirmations


  1. Call in high frequency words. The power of words is great. Think or speak high frequency words and feel their energy: love, peace, serenity, abundance, bliss, joy… (It helps to have your hand in your heart area as it opens your heart chakra).

Then continue thinking high frequency experiences:

I love getting presents, I love getting a hug from my husband, I love petting my cats, …


You can also think all the ways your life is awesome right now.
I appreciate working from home, I appreciate how my family lives nearby, I appreciate to have healthy loving children, I appreciate…


  1. Play upbeat music in the background. Go about your day with upbeat music following you around. In 5 minutes I feel more elevated. Music is truly miraculous. Here’s an example of upbeat music: here


  1. Start a creative project. Use all that energy on something productive and creative. Start a new painting, find a hobby, write an article. Find something that you really enjoy doing.


  1. Make a list of all those things that make you feel excited. I personally love shopping, board games, writing stories, hanging out with friends. What’s your list? Write it and make it a routine to do more things from that list when you feel the intensity. Who said you have to suffer through the symptoms, make it fun by doing what excites you.


  1. Walk in nature. The high frequency from the trees and the ground helps us anchor the light shifts, and the walking moves it freely through. After 15 minutes you’ll feel lighter.


  1. Watch a funny movie or TV series. Yes you’re distracting yourself, but those shifts might get intense and you need to do something to relax through them. Just make sure it’s something high vibrational like a comedy.


Quieting the monkey mind


Once you feel better, it’s always a good idea to do some energy clearing to help move any density still lingering in your energy. Here’s one that might help you: here

Also do some grounding. Here’s a meditation to help: Here

And finally do a space cleansing. It will move through any density.

— If you want to arm yourself with many instant tools of I have a powerful collection for you inside the original lightworker’s membership. Learn more here

Know that it’s normal to feel intensity as it is the only way to clear what and shift. Think of a snake that sheds skin, it goes through a transformation. Think of labor, the temporary pain of a grant shift. It is all passing, just be positive and nurture yourself through the process. All is well.

What helps you feel more elevated during those high frequency shifts? Share yours below!


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