Hail the New Earth – 2022 angel energy report

2022 energy report

This is a yearly energy report for the year 2022.

The following is a Divine channeling:

“2021 was a grant portal, a getaway which lead you through a rather ‘dark’ phase, a moving through the process with the intention of reuniting all aspects of you, in preparation for the great awakening that will join the earth and all its inhabitants. It was a preoperational year that you have moved into and it is now officially ending. You are no longer to walk into this gloomy phase, the reconstruction phase has been completed, the points of anchor have been established, and you are stepping into a glorious, lit, and magnificent new year of possibilities.


Walking in the new earth

To give you a granter scope of what’s to occur during this new phase, we would like to point out that you have done all the preparations that would attune you to the higher timelines. There’s no more work to be done for those lightworkers who went through the year of 21’ with a rather heightened experience. The preparation is now complete and what’s left is to walk towards the new timelines that are now open and available for you. Previously those where not seen, not felt, not easily accessible to tap into (yet they were there all along). Now as you have climbed higher, there’s a brand new horizon ahead of you, different than before, that’s the new earth and you finally welcome it. There’s no longer waiting, you are here, once these clouds dissipate you will soon see it brighter and clearer than ever before, you are there.

Nevertheless, the rest of the world is playing catch up, unable to see, be or experience this higher version of the earth, because they are still navigating all the density of the old. Lightworkers automatically generate columns of light, anchors that bring the old earth into the new. Everywhere these lightworkers go currently, they activate, and enhance new earth consciousness in others, and anchor it in places that didn’t exist before. 2022 is the year that the new earth energies spread like wildfire.


New earth changes into the world

Many more people will awaken and find themselves wondering if that’s the reality they choose to stay in. They will all make their choices to either stay in struggle and fear of the old, or to move through to the new. No one will be left behind, everyone has a chance to move and interact with this new earth that now anchors more deeply into your current reality. The old paradigms and ideals of the old world do not belong into the new. The earth awakens and expects everyone living on it to make the decision. There will be no one staying in the old, once the new earth has completely anchored.

Society, as you know, is affected, politics, medicine, laws, old habits and ways of living all will be affected and many will be in crisis during this 22’.

As the new reality unfolds, there will be many who try to continue to keep the old paradigms and refuse to make the changes needed. Those are mostly the officials who once held the reins that is, but new leaders will suffice bringing about the change that is needed. There will be great duality and arguments as a result, and the public will be in disarray. Which side to you take? What is the right that you believe in? How will you act? Rest assured, that ultimately the right decisions will be made as more than half of the world is ready to move to greater alignment and peace. Whatever causes chaos is no longer welcomed nor does it resonate with the majority of the public. And so, change will be evident towards the second half of the year, and towards the end of the 22’, many new ways will be embraced.

In medicine cures will show up for many people to bring out greater peace and harmony. Lots of tears of relief and happiness will be shed this year as the old patterns of the previous will finally break.  

New layers of light will spread into the world lifting you, and all walk with you much higher and brighter than ever before. The light has won, and now all that is left is for it to spread into all corners of the world, to meet all people, and to bring about the blessed changes that this earth needs to lift and stay into illumination, alignment and harmony.

Toxic people and ascension

People who are not ready to make the change, too caught up in their old ways, will slowly keep all others stay further away. Toxicity and arguments is not the way that light is brought forth so anyone still residing and reacting into those aspects will find themselves in solitude. Let that be a place they have chosen to reside in temporarily that will bring them the necessary breakthroughs that they need to change the old ways. This is where the decision to stay in the old earth will once again be decided. So do not hesitate to step away from those people who bring toxicity and negativity in your life. Give them the blessing of solitude in hopes that they too will change their ways. It is not needed for you to drain your own light for those who will waste it. So, make your own decisions and lists for what is better left alone, as your light is needed elsewhere at this time. (This article might be useful.)


Nature and earth embarks in oneness

The earth will sing a new song. The tune of the earth now changes and all animals, insects, wild life and plants will be in resonance with this new tune. They choose to all come together in unity, so wildlife attacks will drastically limit. There’s love and need for unity where fear resided, the earth life joins in first. After this day, whenever you see an insect, an animal, a plant know it is your friend and it is desiring further connection, to send love and be loved. Remember this aspect of complete oneness with everything around you, as you embark into this new earth. many aspects and ways of the new earth begin to show up and be apparent to you now. Let your eyes finally open, your ears interact with the sounds, your soul connection to guide you. The new tune brings you all in harmony together.


And as the old ways are clearing, the aspects of solitude, chaos, disharmony and disease fall away. Twin flames will reunite, miraculous cures will suffice, new laws and ways will be established, and complete oneness will come about.

This 2022 will be a year of realignment for the entire world as they finally cross the bridge and many more aspects of this reality embrace the new earth timelines. Cheer with happiness and merit as more of this world awakens to the light. Hail the new, hail the light, and hail the new world.”

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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
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