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Learn about the author of "The truth of all that is"

Amelia Bert is a freelance author and online journalist. She is also Angel intuitive and can connect with lighted beings that guide and inspire her. She uses her ability to help others who reach out, as she can tune with anyone’s spirit guide and guardian angel for guidance.

Amelia Bert has published 7 books, angel cards and audio meditations. Her blog is featured in the top 50 Spiritual blogs currently, and she is considered a favorite Angel intuitive.

She diligently crafted her clairvoyant skills at the age of 26, that lead her to clear communication with Divine beings after months of meditation. They instructed her to write this book to bring the enlightenment this world needs to expand, and help us all embrace our divine nature. Amelia Bert transfers the Angel teachings and experiences to her thousand followers and website visitors through her articles, books, and personal counseling sessions.

Amelia has a degree in English language and literature. She lives with her husband and two cats and loves traveling. She spends her time writing, learning from the Angels and painting.

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