Learn about the author of "The truth of all that is"

Amelia Bert is a freelance author and online journalist. She is also Angel intuitive and can connect with lighted beings that guide and inspire her. She uses her ability to help others who reach out, as she can tune with anyone’s spirit guide and guardian angel for guidance.

Hi there, I’m Amelia and I’m excited to greet you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual ascension.

If you are like me, you are filled with questions about the universe, about creation, about angels, souls and all about the spiritual journey.  Likely on my search to expand my knowledge and feed my curiosity something wonderful happened. I had my spiritual awakening, I begun to finally understand experience the world with my mind, body and spirit, I gained insight. Then, it happened; I was so aligned that I achieved Angel communication.

First it happened during meditation I felt the wonderful emotions of euphoria, unconditional love that joined a stream of thoughts. Those were angel guided instructed me on the path I am now: to help others spiritually awaken, guide them towards their soul’s powers, joy and purpose. And so here you are now, reading these words…

Our paths have crossed for a reason, so let your intuition guide you to the answers that you need to expand and grow.

About Amelia:

In a gist I am a fan of everything that helps expand our spirit, brings joy and expansion. I am a channel of the light which means that I allow divine guidance to become known through me. Think of it like I have an energy radio that perceives divine guidance whenever I am tuned in!

I have written 7 books based on that guidance but I’m constantly working on a new one! My life’s path is to help others find their own Light and to raise the vibration on earth.


Find my books here: Amelia Books


I have a wonderful, supporting husband, and two adorable attention seeking cats. I love nature and I spend my free time painting or playing board games!


Join me on your path to the light, let me inspire, guide and support you to uplift, ascend and align with the Angels.




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