Archangel Michael on Doreen Virtue, and more

Archangel Michael on Doreen Virtue, and more

A lot of hassle has been created regarding Doreen Virtue’s renounce of the New Age faith. It a big blow on new age that lets us question our beliefs and truth. Suddenly Doreen speaks of lower entities, denounces all her angel cards, takes out of publication several of her books and refuses to speak or teach about anything other than Jesus. She even apologized for her past mistakes and for how those affected all of us. So what’s happening now? is all her past teachings false? Has she confused the angelic connection with false spirits that pretended to be angels? If so, what’s really true in New age? Are all angel intuitives tricked as well? Am I? (Amelia Bert). I’m sure many of you  have wondered all these as well so who else to respond to all those questions other than Archangel Michael.

Below is his response to what is the truth.


“It is true, how many of you might confuse our words with false spirits and ideals that trick you into working with them, instead of us. Unfortunately, it saddens us that this is so, yet do not let that distract you of our holy energy and wisdom that comes from God.

What we speak to you is true. When we come to assist you, that is real. We hear your prayers when you speak to us. We follow your intention, your yearning. Many other spirits might do so as well. If you are vulnerable, you are open to guidance that comes from spirit, as they pretend to speak the words of God, they do so resembling our words, our guidance even, on some degree but not our light, not our energy, nor our love to you. Those spirits come to take you off your path, come to create confusion, doubt and trigger your fears. Do not be open and vulnerable to any sort of spirits that come through but trust your intuition and ask for Divine protection.

As you are asking: but how should I differentiate? The answer is simple. Pray. As you pray for true guidance to come, guidance that speaks the word of God, connection that is pure and divine, only true messages will come forward, only true representatives of what you call Light. We are always there. Sometimes you are confused though. False spirits find that opportunity to be triggered. As you are not clear on what guidance you wish to receive, on what responses you want to hear, spirits come that give you what you want to hear, they bring guidance that boosts the ego and might not be true to the words of God.

As when you are vulnerable you are ready to accept any guidance that tells you what you want to hear. If you ask for riches and a voice comes to you that tells you, you can have this, you believe it with no questioning. That might be true to what God wants for you, but it might not be. Nothing you are asking for can be given to you, unless it resonates with your life’s path and lessons that you wish for in this lifetime. If you use the Law of attraction as you call it to make big amounts of money, because you think that will bring you happiness, then that money might come, but they will be pointless. Nothing beneficial will be build with that money and they will be like air in your hands. They might bring you off your path and prevent you from meeting people, from winning challenges and gaining wisdom. For that we want to help you understand and correct your prayers. Don’t pray for what you think you want, but pray for what’s best for you and for those around you. Don’t pray for big luxury and abundance but pray for happiness and health. God knows what you need to be happy, and God will bring you this when in time.

For this don’t get confused with false spirits who tell you that you will be rich or give you empty promises as they are only boosting your ego and not your light. God loves and God is merciful and God is good, however you are sent here for a cause and a purpose and we all help you to fulfill this because it will make your spirit whole and complete. And so, our dearest brothers and sisters, next time you pray, next time you seek guidance and support, ask for what you seek while asking for God’s guidance and support and love. We are always here for your prayers and guidance, as long as they are pure and open to hear the truth that comes from God.

God does not want to boost your ego, but guide you to the truth. False spirits on the other hand tell you what boosts your ego. One way to receive the truth guidance and connection that is us, pray with no ego.

Jesus messages are loud and clear. You don’t need riches to be happy. Jesus speaks the words of God and as He is doing so, does not allow the ego to thrive. Doreen only follows the true guidance that comes through. We don’t ask that you stop working with spirit, or stop receiving guidance, just make sure that the guidance you receive is true so that you are not tricked.

Yes, God is Love, God is truth. As long as you trust your intuition you will be guided to this. You are alright. God does not ask too much of you, just to be true to yourself. Divination and prediction of the future is not what God wants of you. We do not respond to questions like this because they might take you off your path. We give you possibilities; we help you find the path that best suits you. why do you need to know what’s next? You can only control what is right here, right now. So next time you ask us for what’s going to happen, know that we might not come through to answer your question, because we can’t tell you what’s the truth. The truth about the future is not yet decided. However, other spirits might come that are willing to trick you. Be aware and always ask without the ego. The ego wants more, not the soul, the ego wishes to know so that it can control, but the soul has faith. And so, don’t use divination to know what will happen, but ask for what is right for you. Ask for guidance on the present and do not question the future.

That’s all that guidance that we bring you at this moment. We believe in you, we believe in your light, and we hope that you connect with us in the Light.”


We thank Archangel Michael for this insightful answer. I know it has answered many of my questions and put me at ease. I know I will speak the words of God, through the Angels and that does not mean denouncing my faith, but it means that I am going to be more careful on the spirits that connect with me. Prayer is more than enough to keep any false spirits away. If you are an intuitive like me, or an Angel channel, or using a clair ability, make sure you pray to God and be ready to accept the guidance that comes through, even if it does not boost our ego.


Regarding Doreen Virtue, that I’m sure many of you love, (I know I do). Has unintentionally worked with some false spirits and some of the guidance that comes through her books is not pure. At least this is what I understood from all of this. For this reason, she is taking the high road ( and bravo to her,) to remove any of those books from publication. Let this be a lesson to all of us, to not be swayed by materiality and the ego but stay true to what really matters. We are much more than we let ourselves be. Thank God every day for all you have and trust that what’s best will come to you.

So does this mean that all intuitive or angel channels are false? No. As long as they follow this rule to remove the ego and pray for God’s true guidance then true guidance comes through. Trust your guidance and intuition regarding which one you believe and follow.

I love you all.


PS: I love and believe Jesus myself however my path is not the same as Doreen’s at the moment.

I’m laughing to myself on how some people are reacting on my blog post:…/
I heard things like i was channeling to a “demon”, or that i am a fake channeler or anything that they could come up with re-sharing, bad-mouthing, insulting.
Whenever one speaks words that they are not ready to hear, they deny, they call false, they judge and they are fearful of them. I don’t write this to set you straight. not at all, i accept different opinions but consider this: If You are the one that is indeed channeling the “real” archangel Michael, then why are you so ego based, so full of fear and give out blames?
This post was created by love, to give love, to ease people who had Doreen virtue as their idol and now they are fearful of connecting with anyone, God or the angels or saints because of false light. I prayed over, and removed all my ego and fears to channel the real messages that came through. I hope that this blog post helped a few people. For the rest of you, non-believers of my post, i wish you well but spreading fears and hate and blame is never the answer.
Love and Light to all.

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