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Clearing waves – April Forecast 2020

The following is a direct Divine Channeling: “Raise your chin up, dust the fear off your clothes. Breathe in the air of change that will soon join you during this month. You have gone thru some great shifts in March.

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5d january 2020

Setting new foundations – January Angel forecast

A lot have taken place in 2019 with major clearings of mass collective consciousness. Past ideals, perceptions and programing’s controlled by the ego have finally been lifted. Now entering January, there is a “clean slate”, a breath of fresh air

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December Angel Forecast – Earth has risen

December brings us wonderful upgrades as it initiates the official frequency rise of the earth! Energy is at its peak however as Old situations clear, parts of your life conclude and unresolved emotions rise. Can you handle the December drama?

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Forming the 5D body – October Angel Forecast

You went through such a powerful portal of light in September and that has granted you a milestone in your ascension path. You have undergone energy clearing and activations, you released ego illusions, and you got glimpses of the power

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