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Visiting a Galactic spaceship

Have ever visited a galactic spaceship? Do you have a memory of it, or even dreams about it? During this time of ascension there are hundreds of galactic “spaceships” above the sky all with the intention of helping us navigate

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The Secret Guide To Energy Gateways

This article is a direct channeling from Light beings:  “During the time of a light gateway, there is a powerful energy force pulling you towards lighter frequencies of higher dimensions. This is called an “energetic getaway” or “light portal” or

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Understand a soul’s journey through Dimensions

Different attributes exist in the various dimensions, all of them available to serve a higher purpose. The dimensions are states of consciousness where everything on those dimensions vibrates, communicates and perceives in. Every being living or in spirit exist in

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Benefits of the Sun Nobody told you

Did you ever consider the benefits the sun has for humanity? Those benefits go beyond what you can perceive, and what anyone ever told you. The sun is a powerful source of light, and its rays hold Divine energy that

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How the earth changes affect you

Earth changes and shifts, and you do so as well. The more connected you are with earth and your mind, body, spirit, the more you notice that the change of the seasons affect your state of mind, energy levels and

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Animals and their supernatural abilities

Do you have a pet? Then you might have wondered if your pet has a soul purpose. Can animals sense the spirit world? Do they really have a soul? Animals are wonderful messengers of the universe, but they also have

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The Power of walking barefoot

WALKING BAREFOOT I was guided to write this blog post. The truth is, as we expand into higher consciousness our beliefs and habits change. We are guided to more healthy options, to high vibrational activities and choices that will benefit

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Earth is shifting, we are rising

This is a channeling from Lighted beings, for the energy shifts that earth undergoes. What do they mean? How are we affected? How can we cope with them? “What you are experiencing is cosmic shift, an elevation if you prefer

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Behind the power of a gemstone

Have you ever wondered what’s the fuss about with gemstones? What makes them so special? Do they really have powers? Many of you have heard of the power of gemstones and how many different gifts they provide to those who

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