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anxiety and spirituality

Ascension Anxiety: Master it like a boss!

In august 2017 I begun feeling strong anxiety and it was something that I never experienced this way before. The matter of fact was that it would come and go away suddenly. After months of observation and energy work I

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How to naturally heal

What follows is a direct narration from Archangel Raphael explaining what really causes unwellness, and how to naturally heal ourselves.

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Attain you Divine power – Archangel Metatron channeling

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How to protect from negative beings

In a channeling Archangel Michael explains all that you need to know to protect your energy and your home from negative beings, as well as guides us in a powerful meditation of clearing and elation.

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How to interpret your dreams

Do you interpret your dreams? Do you remember waking up to confusing, yet interesting, dreams that included various people and events? Most of the time, they don’t make much sense. Perhaps many of those dreams are imprinted in your memory,

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You are doing everything you can to be positive, to raise your vibration, to get in alignment. You succeed, you are happy and peaceful, but then you meet a person that makes it all go in vain. Toxic people are

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How to make time work for you

Do you feel like you never have enough time to do the things you want to do? Does it seem like time sleeps through your fingers, and days come and go without getting to your to-do list? Then chances are

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How to connect with a lost loved one

Losing someone it does not mean that they have left you forever. Loss is a natural moving on of a path from the physical to spiritual. Those souls live on, greater now, combining the newly learned lessons and experiences into

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