Clearing waves – April Forecast 2020

The following is a direct Divine Channeling:

“Raise your chin up, dust the fear off your clothes. Breathe in the air of change that will soon join you during this month. You have gone thru some great shifts in March. This has been rather challenging but not in vain. You have learned to differentiate the chaos and the fear from peace and love. You have learned to appreciate all you have and all you are. You have grown so much in just 1 month, and now you are ready for what comes next. April brings a new energy as you watch everything quiet down and soon the peace appears after the turmoil.


A call to clear the fear

The pandemic ends during this month, and along with it the order is restored. You have made it through the other side, but it will not be the same as before just yet. Parts of the fear from this pandemic has spread, it created imprints within the DNA of humanity that will require clearing. While the physical danger clears, the emotional disturbance stays for a while longer. For this we ask that you dive inwards, find that quiet place within you that experienced fear and worry and chaos and heal it. Clear the pain and fear that this pandemic has spread. As more of you do this, you clear it from the collective also. The world is still in need of clearing, and the light waves that will follow during this month will try to restore the peace within all.

We ask that you keep the positive, the lessons, the gratitude that came through this pandemic and clear away the rest, to restore lighter frequencies within and all around.

— Here’s a meditation that will help with that: Meditation for conovirus

The lighter frequencies


April brings change. The change that was about to flow in March but was delayed due to the density. This change will bring forth creative projects, but also a sense of ease, upliftment, unconditional love and elevation. You are not far off from these feelings, they are available to you always, but you have to learn to tune into them more often. Do not wait for those to join you suddenly, but seek them out. Bring yourself in the receptive mode of those emotions so that they flow. To do this maintain neutrality; detract from worry and fear to allow space for ease.


Letting go of worry

Currently many things in your life bother you; but this shouldn’t be the case. Do not stress over them as you continuously focus on the problems and in their low vibrations. When you do this, you keep yourself from the solutions and the positive feelings we mentioned earlier. Stop worrying. Breathe. All is well. Allow the solutions to arise. Let go of the worry. It is time for a change dearest one, it is time for a change. let those come to you each time you breathe in ease and elevate some more. You are not meant to remain in distress. It is time for change.

A blog post to ease anxiety

Clearing waves

The waves of April help to bring order in the collective. If you are in turmoil still you might notice that they have greater impact on you, they affect you more than usual. The ascension symptoms as you call them might bring you bodily symptoms such as shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, dizziness, headaches if you held within you fear from the collective. As that erases energetically, you go thru the clearing shifts as the fear exits you. Remain peaceful during those times, keep a positive outlook, and remember our words to return you back to ease. All is well. Those are necessary changes that will help the whole. You will get thru this.

If you have successfully cleared the density you, will welcome ease, and elevation. More of that will follow as you seek it and as you allow it to join you.

April energy update

We want to be frank with you. Ease will flow. But some of the fear might still be evident for a while longer (until middle of April). This is passing. You are getting thru this. Some people might begin to feel like ranged lions in a closed cage. They will feel frustrated and agitated; they will try to spread this range forward, against society, against others. Distant yourself from this. It will be a transitory state of consciousness until order is restored.

Towards the end of April things will look up for all. We oversee the progress of humanity and we assure you that density will slowly dissipate. We help spread joy, ease and love to you now because we know you are in need of it. Close your eyes and breathe it in now. Breathe in the love. Breathe in the peace. All is well dearest child. You are getting thru this.”


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