Experiences of the new earth – Connecting with my 5D self

The intensity of the ascension waves are slowly but steadily increasing. This means that we are clearing with faster speed the 3D consciousness and we implement the 5D one. The shifts that will follow as we embark in the new 5D earth will seem profound to us as everything will change to life as we know it. Curious to find out more about these changes, I connected with a future version of myself that already lives in the new earth consciousness! Will all people ascend? How will we live differently in 5D? What really exists in the new earth? I asked that version of me everything!

How we move to the new earth

Many begin to prepare for what’s to follow once the earth exists in the fifth dimension. Right now you only receive glimpses of the new earth to help prepare you, bring you in alignment for the consciousness it brings. You, however, jump back and forth in frequency, not sustaining a higher vibration. The truth is currently there is so much polarity on earth that it doesn’t allow the full integration of the new earth. The consistency of the energy waves, however, clear the density little by little.

Soon the frequency will remain at its peak for longer periods, but the purpose is that you ease through without the ego fears. The transitioning aims to be more effortless than the energy waves are right now. The waves are preparing you nonetheless, amplifying in frequency each time, little by little, to help you get used to them.

There is going to be a point where the energy blasted on earth will bring you constant elevation, the codes being given during that time will help you be more focused and aligned with the new earth. For many, this will be a natural step, a progress of elevation, without all the density and symptoms dragging you down.

Many will feel this new wave approaching, helping them prepare for implementing it. The key is not to be afraid. Allow this natural progression to occur and know that it’s coming very soon. By the end of 2019, we will be prepared to move to the next level.

The wave won’t bring you complete change, but it will be a major “event” that sustains all that will follow. You will feel different indeed, elevated, uplifted; 25% of that has started already.

Looking at it from 3D world you will see no changes in the atmosphere or the sky when the big energy waves occur. However, while on 5D earth you will notice the difference in nature, the sky, and the colors. You will feel the elevation; every beauty will magnify, spiritual gifts will enhance. It will bring you to a constant alignment, bliss, joy, and peace.


Curious to find out more about how the ascension will change us, I connected with my newly ascended self and decided to share the experiences of the new earth perspective.

What you will read comes from the ascended version of myself in the near future. The time is not yet identified. This is not a higher self-perspective, but a future version of me that has completed the ascension during this lifetime.

5D self perspective experiencing the new earth


“It happened. I think I’m in the “new earth”. I like how it feels.

I feel different, elevated, with a profound sense of peace. The trees seem so “alive”. The sky speaks to me. The colors are so vibrant. I feel like I am different but the same.

I can say that I feel with more clarity everything. The emotions, the existence as a whole feels so clear, profound, deep.

The earth feels lighter, at ease, filled with a consciousness that I can tap into. Yes, I can talk to the plants here and the animals. They are so at ease, happy.

There is so much I cannot wait to learn to do here. It’s like there are no limitations in what we can do. But all is new to me still. I feel like I can do so much.

I can connect with people just to check in with their consciousness, no phones, no physical contact. I can simply think of them and my consciousness taps into theirs.

I can transmute energy differently too. I can handle it, send it, receive it, transform it. I use concentration and intention with thought to achieve that.

 I have more control over my appearance and body too. I feel what it needs to be energized. No processed anything, no meat.

I guide the future the way I want, no more waiting to experience, blindly moving forward. I am in control!

I don’t know if I can fly yet, but moving feels so different. I am swaying more than walking. It’s so airy the whole atmosphere.

I feel so connected to everything.

I look like me, but I’m … shining.

Everything feels so aligned, every detail so timed together, perfectly. I feel the connection with all events occurring or about to occur. I know what will follow. Time is not linear here. I know what different choices will bring, I can sense the result even if it doesn’t occur.

I feel so carefree. There is no worrying here. I am at peace with all past, present, and future. There is no fear either. When I think of death, for example, I feel like it’s only a new path, a way to move on.

Some are not ready for the new earth frequency. Many are implementing the new codes to get ready to join. They will come but it will take longer. People need some time to adjust to the new changes. As we “unlock” this new consciousness within us, we respect that everyone’s time is different. We don’t rush. Some people might even need 10 years to join, and that is okay.

Learning to shift to the new earth consciousness while others are not yet aligned is challenging. They will try to take advantage because we no longer care in the same degree. We no longer stress, yell or even put an effort on things that are not in alignment. The others try to take what was ours, but we say “take it, we don’t need it, we will always be provided for”. There is no need for arguing or fighting, or trying to reason with those who are in a different consciousness. We have the gift of co-creation with the universe and we are very aware of that. We know what to do to gain resources if we are ever in need. It seems easy for us now, so there is no need to try to hold onto material things.

We are in complete peace and alignment with the earth. Those who are still behind are given the choice and more time to get here. We respect their time. We also know that there will be no more of that consciousness coming to the new earth anymore. All the new reincarnations will only hold the new earth consciousness. This is the way it’s supposed to be.

The way we join the new earth varies. Some like me, do this gradually, they ascend bit by bit with every new energy wave until we reach the final point. Others suddenly awake to this consciousness. Many come already enlightened with the new earth codes in their being. There is no right or wrong way. Those who are not a match to the new earth will continue in another place that can handle polarity. It is always a choice.

We no longer need technology, what we need is to connect with the earth. We feel its pull to spend more time outdoors, live outside even. We slowly lift all those habits and lifestyles that bring a barrier to that.

We are carefree. We go by intuition and impulse rather than law and rules. We do understand and respect that others are not there yet, so we are aware that we can function this way a little longer.

We don’t need schools, ministries nor currency. Everything is here still, the houses, the government, the laws. What changed was our consciousness the way we feel, see, desire. All those shifted.

We don’t even need hospitals or pharmacies. We self-heal, we are in control.

All these are new, we’re still trying to figure it all out. I do know that a time will come where all will be in perfect alignment with the new earth, with the new consciousness.”

Do you sense the new earth?

While you were reading this perspective, did you feel that all seems familiar somehow? is the new earth consciousness calling you?

Many people are getting dreams of a new earth. Much Information and knowing becomes awakened within you little by little. Share your stories and experiences of the new earth below.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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  1. Hi:

    This is very interesting I had a coincidence happen to me in August. I got a free subscription to the GAIA network. So I started checking out the shows and I came across David Wilcock show Cosmic Disclosure and started watching it. Well David has a reoccurring guest Corey Goode that worked in the Secret Space Program. He has been told just about the same information you have here from beings from under the earth and off planet. But I believe the beings that are underground that have lived on earth millions of years said they are 4D beings and that is what they are trying to ascend us to. They have prepared their homes for the Solar Flash event and covered themselves from it. Have you ever been guided to this information? It all matches very closely.

    1. To be honest I did not come across this information, but I cannot justify nor disregard it. All I can say for certain is that we are moving to 5D and that earth will no longer sustain lower dimensions for long.

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