What is reading and how can I benefit?

Your guides and angels are with you and have answers to your questions. Amelia Bert connects with them through her intuitive ability and passes on their guidance to you. Consider how powerful it is to receive your guardian angel’s responses!

How can I know that the guidance I receive is real?

This is a big concern for many, since many provide false information, or do not work with the appropriate spirits. Amelia Bert only connects with Angels, spiritual teachers and Ascended masters that their energy is pure. If you were guided to this message and you seek some clarity on your path, perhaps it is a sign that your guides can help you. Trust your intuition. Do you think that this reading will help you?

You can also pray and ask your angels to give you a sign before you complete any order. Your angels always know when you are ready to receive their guidance and what is the right way to do so.


How do I get my reading?

Decide which reading you wish to receive. As you pay for your session, form a detailed and clear question for your guides and attach a picture of you alone. You will receive an email response within 72 hours as a confirmation of your payment. Your reading will be send to you via email.


Can I get a reading for someone else?

You cannot invoke the guides of another person without his/her content as they will not provide any information. If you want to ask for another person, form it as your own question for instance “what can I do to help John with his problem?


Can you connect with my diseased friend/relative?

Amelia Bert does not provide medium services, however angels and spirit guides can answer any questions about a diseased loved one or pass on their messages.


Can you connect with an angel to predict the future?

The angels can see all possible pathways, but the future is not predestined. There are alternative paths and choices and the angels choose not to intervene with them. Questions similar to WILL I… or WHEN cannot be given to you because there are multiple pathways. You can however ask what is the most possible outcome, and the angels will respond according to your energies, desires and decisions at that moment. Remember, the future can always change.

If they don’t predict the future then how can the readings help me?

The readings bring you the best information for you at that time, to help you enjoy your life and move forward with ease. The Angels might not disclose any information unless you are ready to receive it. Some messages are meant to be learned in a different way, we trust that the guidance that they bring us is the best for us, at that time. Their guidance is always the right for us at that time to help us cope or receive the insight we need.


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