Archangel Uriel and Archangel Metatron guide you to a powerful grounding meditation. This process of grounding is very powerful as it helps you connect with the vibration of the earth, as well as with the presence of the Divine.

Grounding benefits you in connecting you with the earth, connecting you with the present moment, centering you within your body, as well as attuning you with the entire universe.
To follow the steps to grounding, simply relax, get comfortable and read through the words carefully. With each word, the archangels’ presence joins you and supercharges your meditation process. You might feel their guidance with you, or you might notice your vibration elevating as you focus on their words.
Archangel Uriel and Metatron Grounding:

Steps to grounding

Greetings, we are inviting you so much to love to join us now by closing your eyes. Focus on your thoughts. Focus on your breathing. Let your thoughts pass you by, as you focus into the silence in between your thoughts, into the stillness.

You have come a long way, and you need this moment to pause and to allow yourself to ground within your body, within this present moment, as well as with the earth, and with the universe.

Grounding benefits you because it aligns you at this moment to experience all that occurs now, not outside of yourself, but within.
Grounding invites you to tune in into your inner power and to find your attunement with the earth, as well as with all that exists, all that is all around.

Grounding process

And so let’s begin by setting the intention of becoming grounded at this moment. As you set your intention you clearly align with the purpose of this meditation so that you receive the most benefit out of it. By thinking yes, you align with this intention.

And now let’s move you by placing your awareness in your physical body. Focus on your feet. Feel the energy moving within your body. You have the laws of gravity that connect you with the earth, physically so that you can stay upright and attached to the surface of the earth. You also have another cord connecting you with the earth on an energetic level. This is your connection with the core of the earth.
Your base chakra is where this link originates. The basic chakra is at the lower of your back. Focus in this area; visualize your base chakra expanding and growing roots. The roots begin to form a beautiful big tree and go down through your feet, and they enter the surface of the earth on an energetic level.
See those roots growing below your feet and they reach the surface of the earth. Those roots, visualize them as a gold color, growing further as they reached the earth, and going deeper.
Feel your energy grounding and moving downward along with these roots as they move further deep into the earth.
Experience the soil smell of the soil, its sensation.

Connect with the earth

Feel it as your energetic roots move through it, as they move past the rock, and the dirt and they reach the lava of the earth. They grow even deeper, expanding and forming deep strong roots, and they reach the core of the earth, the light at the center of the earth, the life force, the energy, the aliveness of the earth. Feel it vibrating as you reach the center of the earth, feel its energy, feel its pulse, feel its aliveness as you reach the light.

From this area, connected and grounded within the light of Gaia, speak to Gaia, feel its energy, its vitality, its strength. Feel it as a friend that allows you to join within, as you both benefit from this interaction.

Benefits of grounding

You benefit by grounding your energy in the present moment. with this connection, you are able to receive parts of the codes of the earth, of its energy that helps to sustain your physical body and help you be grounded.

The earth itself benefits from your interaction. It benefits by receiving your awareness, your connection your own light codes. You are the connection with the spirit. You bring vitality to the earth because you are connected with your etheric cord, that connects you with the universe that connects you with other planes.
Your spirit holds great power and as you connect with the earth, you give it more vitality, attunement. And so as you experience the light at the core of the earth you feel yourself becoming stronger, more connected with your physical body. You are connected with his physical dimension.

And earth wants to send you part of its energy to carry within in the physical body, to align your chakras give you extra strength and empowerment.
With the simple thought of yes, feel the energy of the earth move at the speed of light, up through your roots and it reaches your feet and reaches your basic chakra, and all your other chakras now in a column of divine light.
See your aura expanding as it attaches with the energy of the earth. It becomes one with your energy, and expands your aura, it expands your vibration. You become lighter. Your aura becomes bigger, brighter, stronger.

How to connect with the divine

And now your connection with the universe comes to complete this process. As you focus on your crown chakra at the top of your head, feel your energy moving up. Find the etheric cord that connects you with the universe, with the cosmos, with God, and with other planes of love and light closer to divine light and love, closer to your divine self that exists along with God, along with the universe, and with us.
Feel this etheric cord expanding. See divine light moving from your body through the etheric cord, filling the cord as it moves up within it.

It reaches the clouds, and it goes beyond the clouds into greater dimensions. The Six, The seventh, the 12th dimension, and moving up, and it reaches the light of the universe, the light of all that is; the illuminant power of creation.
Feel this love filling you as you connect with this energy. Feel the love that exists, feel the power that you hold that is part of this connection that now becomes part of you once again.
Bask in this emotion of love, of aliveness, of creation, power, of knowing that all is well, that nothing was ever wrong, all is truly magnificent. knowing that the divine love, the divine life force is part of yourself, is connected with you, is part of you; makes you remember that all is truly well.

And now, this life force sends you love, sends you power, send you healing through your etheric cord, down into your physical body merging with the light of Gaia that is now part of you and expanding your aura some more.
Bask in this emotion of power, of presence, of love, of aliveness, of complete and utter joy, illumination, life force.
Know that as you move through your day, feel this connection that is carrying on with you. Feel this power with the earth, with the universe that exists within you.
Whenever you are in need of grounding and of connection with all that is, simply return at this meditation to re-experience, to re-create this emotion. and with that, we depart with so much love. And so it is.

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