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Spirit in human form

“You have made yourself believe that you are more human than spirit. This keeps you from using your spirit qualities. Alas, you are no more human than spirit. By believing so, you deny our gifts and you have many powers and many gifts that you are asked to embrace now, as these new light codes become available to you in this current process of ascension.

The light activations help you to take control of your spiritual side, your divine side that is connected with God, with us, with the energy of creation, the energy of all that which is at your disposal. You are a masterful and powerful creator.

What we advise you at this time, is to learn those qualities, there are many things that you can do, much power that you can harvest and use as a spirit living in a human body rather than seeing yourself just as a human with spirit.

Human blockages

There is a collective belief that you carry around with you and carried through generations and that is that you are more human than anything else. When you see yourself human as simply human, then you block much of your spiritual capabilities. There are many things that are ready to be acquired, tuned into, used that are different to anyone.  Similar to the abundance of things you can achieve in human form, there is an abundance of things that you can master, use and create with your spiritual abilities.

This is a blockage that exists within all humans reincarnated after some time. That “you are not god,” that you are not in connection with god, but “YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN”.

 This belief gives you so much weakness because believing you are only human, you create weaknesses, ego thoughts and fears, you become vulnerable and helpless. You believe you are mortal and weak.

This belief, also keeps you disconnected from god, from your spirit that is in connection with god, from your gifts and powers. As this spiritual part of you is blocked out, you become fragile, weak; feelings bound to the circumstances, and live in a passive way, bound by the events that take place, without ever making a changing. You have believed this far that illnesses or unfortunate events as “punishments” of God to you, feeling helpless against them, without really seeing yourself as the creator of your life, that you have the power to change it.

The power of your spirit

How can humans thrive without the spirit? They become blinded with fear, with ego, and then they lose the love, the connection with the divine, the purity, their power. They become drained from happiness because happiness originates from the spirit, same as healing and talents and light. By embracing your divine self, you don’t sin, you don’t go against moral beliefs, and you don’t patronize God in any way. On the contrary, you live in the way that you are supposed to live, by taking your free will and living by example. With the power of your attention you create your reality, with the power of your free will you are able to return to love and see any experience as blessed and divine; by doing so you invite more light and love into your life. By tuning into your spirit you co-create with the energy that creates worlds, to spread kindness, healing, teachings. You inspire others, as well as fulfill your divine path. When you connect with your divinity, you cast away fear and help humanity rise.

Release human limitations

What is being asked of you now is to release those beliefs that keep you bound in human form. You are not your body. Tune into this collective belief that exists within you now. Identify it as being a part of you until this moment. Identify that it is not needed any longer. It makes you fragile and keeps you disconnected from your spiritual gifts. Clear this blockage, this veil that has been casted upon you for generations and keeps you from harnessing your spiritual power.

The ascension right now tries to clear you from these beliefs, to return you to your connection with spirit, to all that is.

By allowing yourself to experience, to see and feel your power, the next step is teaching you once again to use those spiritual talents, your power as a creator, to bring better circumstances and love into the world, to let the light shine the way for others to follow.

You are not here randomly in this physical journey; you are here to awaken from this veil that has been casted upon you, to AWAKEN.

Clear blockages

So now, pause, feel more love emanating from within you. Don’t look anywhere else but within you. Feel that you are powerful; see your inner connection with all. Feel the love that emanates through you, feel your connection with all of us. Remember this now, and let it awaken within your inner power.

We remind you now once more: you are not only human, you are not only spirit, but you are a spirit with a physical body in this physical reality living both a spiritual and physical existence. You are here with the journey to awaken to this power, and then spread your love, kindness and light to help others see it so.

This belief that you are fragile, vulnerable, weak, how can you simply forget and remove it?

This is not an easy process to occur, and it is not going to be achieved with only one repetition. What is required is a constant reminder, constant returning to the light. A gradual awakening occurs, of truly knowing, and feeling of your capabilities and powers.

But first deny the belief that you are just human, that you are here to be weak, that you have no power or rights nor control over this world, over your life. Cast this away now. Say: I release, I let go, I clear.

This is the first step, denying of what was. And now you can replace with the belief that:

 I am a powerful creator, I am one with God, one with the light. I am love incarnated in this physical body. I am more spirit than human. I have abundant gifts and talents and ways to use the energy of creation to bring good into this world. I am open and receptive to the ways that this is manifested, and I trust that this will be revealed to me in the right time. I am to be guided to more light, to more love, to the ways that I can use my power, my spirit, to benefit myself and others, to bring more good into this world.

And with that we depart, reminding you once more that you are more spirit than human. This belief makes you truly powerful, gives you an abundance of gifts and ways to use your spiritual talent. Co-ocreate with us, as the spirit that you are. We love you powerful spirit in human form. And so it is.”


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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