Bliss - Original Painting


Bliss – Original Painting


* THIS PAINTING WILL BE SHIPPED FROM THE U.K. Possible project to customs.

This is an original painting made on canvas with acrylic paints by Kirsty Wade a very talented and highly evolved soul. This is a special painting that brings powerful activations and energetics to those who view it, and to the surroundings. It is very closely linked with the vibrations of Bliss – that is the inspiration of the colors and concept.

Kirsty is clairvoyant and works with the Divine with each painting, that help her bring forth the magic through color and movement. She sees and feels the Divine that guide her every work.

If you tap into the energy of this specific painting you will notice how high vibrational it is. This painting is called: BLISS. It carries the vibration of unconditional love, and a state of wholeness that one can tap into merging mind, body and spirit. As you stare at this painting in your home, let the vibration and activations of BLISS reach you, harmonizing you and bringing you more in alignment with BLISS.


The artist is Kirsty Wade, she’s a clairvoyant artist from the UK. She works with the Divine with each painting, which help her bring forth the magic through color and movement. She sees and feels the Divine that guide her every work.

“Bliss is a natural experience of awakening. It occurs when we reach the higher stages of ascension and on the spiritual journey it’s most definitely a pinnacle!🏔 Most people think of it as a state of constant happiness or joy and it can be, but it’s really high frequency energy and your awareness of it. 💫 It’s always available to tap into and the more we do this, the easier it becomes to feel and the higher we rise! 🙌🕊


This is an original, one of a kind piece of art!

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 60 cm


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