Complete clearing and Harmonizing Meditation with the Archangels


This is a 30 minute guided Meditation helping you to use many tools such as grounding, light-bath, and the merkaba to cleanse yourself, your chakras, your space.


This is one of my favorite daily routines to cleanse myself and my space, by working with the Merkaba and invoking a light bath.

In fact i use this everyday, and when I am out of alignment.

With this guided tool/meditation, you will cleanse the chakras, aura, mental, emotional body, ground, as well as shield yourself and your space with the assistance of many Archangels and light beings.

Follow along my instructions and invocations. You can repeat any of them out loud, or just mentally agree to the words spoken.
This is a very good tool if you feel feel stuck energy in your body, it can help it clear and move.


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