Geode: soothes fears


This is a wonderful half-open geode.

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Type: geode

Gemstone channeling: “like a mother soothes the fears of her child, I too help you to remove and soothe them.”

WEIGHT: 128g

As the gemstone suffers through cutting process we choose to live it intact. It is however completely cleansed and can be programmed per your choosing, free of charge before being shipped

*price is given according to size and power.

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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which "Truth of all that is" is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.
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Amelia Bert

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