Picasso geode: for projecting divine light


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Type: Picasso geode stone

Gemstone channeling: “i project the light within. I boost your frequency to resemble your highest potential. I project light all around you.”

WEIGHT: 133g

 Crystaline formations have formed in the inside of the gemstone. (geode)

Tumbled gemstone.

It is completely cleansed and can be programmed per your choosing, free of charge before being shipped.

*price is given according to size and power.

Picasso gemstone:

Picasso-Marble is a nurturing stone. It supports and sustains you in times of stress or difficulties. it helps to keep you calm while it grounds your light and helps to center it within.

Picasso-Marble is also a very grounding and calming stone and it will make sure that you are connected strongly to reality.

This stone brings you feelings of peace, calm, and wholeness. Which is why it’s also an excellent meditation stone.

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Weight 0.133 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 cm


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