Soul reading and healing


This is a powerful deep reading to your essence of your soul. we travel through past lives and lessons in order to help you heal and understand your path in this life.


Soul reading goes within your everyday life, to your essence of your soul. We go through the Akashic records, to release anything that is bringing you down in this life, to help you understand more about your soul and your life’s path. We ask the angels and the Akashic record keepers to take us on a journey of release, to free your soul from blockages. They always know how to help us.

If you have a specific area that you want help with, mention that in an email after you purchase.

Due to the plethora of information, this soul reading happens through a recording. You will receive a download link within 5 days.

*CAUTION: Readings are given with love and work as a means of connection between you and Divine guidance. They do not give predictions for the future.

The readings bring you the best information for you at that time, to help you enjoy your life and move forward with ease. The Angels might not disclose any information unless you are ready to receive it. Some messages are meant to be learned in a different way, we trust that the guidance that they bring us is the best for us, at that time .

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  1. Sarah

    wow, what an incredible session! I’m still bumped! I am in tears with all the revelations and divine frequency. I have no words!

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