Summer Meadow Moon Wreath


Working on each wreath, I call for Divine light beings to assign it energetics that it shares to those around it.

Activations of light are added on this wreath so that it emits high-frequency energy to the space and those around. once your attention focuses on it, you receive those activations. The energy attached to It is one of harmony, balance and problem-solving.

“Everything should omit balance and problem solving is the way to go. You always have the answers within you. Clear your mind, take a deep breath and pause. we will help you find the answers that you seek.”  That is a channeling spoken by Divine light beings connected to the energy of this wreath.

Divine beings broadcast energy to the environment and those around. Having this wreath around you attunes you to that frequency. If you feel attracted to this wreath, then those energies can benefit you the most.

An 8-inch wreath adorned with branches, wildflowers, and plants. I collect and dry them all myself. Hanging in the center is a brown fire quartz gemstone. White feather stripes hang from the wreath and shiny pearls hang with the gemstone.

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This wreath is made from real dried flowers and plants.

The gemstone is a Brown fire quartz.

Fire Quartz enhances focus and concentration and would be especially helpful for those with short attention spans or have trouble completing projects would benefit from holding or carrying Fire Quartz. Use for grounding and balance when feeling scattered.

This wreath is made from real dried flowers so keep them out of direct sunlight and moisture, to last indefinitely.

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Dimensions 22 × 60 cm

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