Sudden discomfort and pain are symptoms of awakening

Do you get sudden pains and aches? discomfort or heaviness, dyspnea, headaches any other sudden symptom that has no apparent reason and source? You might think that but the source of it results back to your human experiences. If you found yourself experiencing this, don’t be alarmed. It is part of the shift.

This is direct channeling from Angels of the light who explain the source of the sudden discomfort, and how to deal with it.

“The energies of this week are intense indeed. You are experiencing a rise of intensity as the leftover density in your energy body is being released. There is a great charge and flow of purest light within you, and that may initiate the leftover density in your body to rise as it longer has a place to stay within. So what occurs at this point is, the dense energy finds ways to be released through certain areas of your body that are the most vulnerable to the energies. It might hold links, sensitivity, as unconsciously you might have allowed certain energy to occupy that area, and it is storing there, to be released with the next charge of light. To better help, you understand how this work, we want to further explain the process of the energy body activation.

    Your body is part of energy. This energy has certain vibrations. These vibrations are part of the DNA in your cells. As your body holds different energies that make different aspects of your human experience, hold certain emotions, and reactions. When you first hold a flower for instance as a child, the memory of it, its feeling, the experience of it, it was stored in the form of energy in your cells. You have absorbed that experience with your emotions and senses; it was then processed in your subconscious where it was assigned energy. If the emotions you experienced at that time were positive, pure, uplifting, the energy that was stored in your body was light. If a thorn entered your skin from the flower, your association might have been negative and the negative experience of pain caused you to create negative emotions that were stored again in the body as dense energy. Pure positive emotions hold light energy particles and vibrations, whereas the negative ones such as sadness, anger, fear create dense vibrations in your cells. And so those energy vibrations are stored in your cells in any area in your body, and in your DNA. And so, as your body expands with light, due to the ascension processes, more light is joining you, that have purer, lighter density. So the old heavy dense energies are surrounded by light that is not a match to the new activation. So they are rising up to be removed through various ways. Through your emotions, in which case you might get reminders of certain events where the energies were first stored in your body, even if you have no recollection of them as they rise up to be released; or they might exit through your physical body through discomfort, pain or aches. In either case, their release rises up unwelcomed feelings in you, but the benefits of this release are great. The symptoms are temporary, and not severe. The discomfort and/ or pain is evident, yes, but they are none the less harmless.

So in any way, you might be experiencing this discomfort, this release, be reminded that great inputs of light fill your body, and the rise of these symptoms are a confirmation of the shift within you.

So what must I do to relieve them, you might ask us? Allow them to be evident within you, don’t turn away from them, trying to ignore them or fearing them. Those responses resist the release. There is a simple process to help you cope with any such situation. Simply be aware of what occurs in your body at any time. Notice the sensation, the feeling, the pain, and don’t resist it. Allow it to become known. Observe it. Tune into it with a clear mind; ask it what it needs to tell you so that it becomes released. Some of them are indeed “stubborn” they persist until you notice them and consciously release them. So ask them, “What are you here to tell me? What do I need to know for you to be released?” listen to your intuition, listen to your higher self that speaks in moments of quiet. The situation might be revealed to you in this way, the exact moment of the creation of this energy, or your viewpoint at that time. Let all that comes to be known to you, and with a calm state of mind, simply recognize that they no longer have a part in you. Recognize that they are not beneficial and with determination say “I let go”.  Replace them if you must, with ones that are positive to you, with ones that make sense, which bring you positive emotions. In the example of the flower, be aware that associating flowers with discomfort is not beneficial. So, instead consciously state: “I release all the negative experiences from this, all the emotions that it brought, links, beliefs, and programs, I chose to associate touching flowers with bliss, ease and happiness. And so it is.” Experience these new emotions, feel the new beliefs that you consciously create in your body and release the old. That is all that is needed for you; to consciously tune into any discomfort and release it.

Know that you are guided at any time, you have unlimited support and you can ask us to step in to help you release anything that you might find challenging. We shall flow at the speed of light and help you recognize and release all that does not serve you. It is alright, we are here, you are expanding, you are uplifting you are in the presence of increasing light. Let it in, let it flow to you and through you, let it cleanse and clear you. Shine bright dearest one. We see your spark.”


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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