The 4rth dimension: February Forecast

What an intense period January has been! Since 2019 joined, it has intensified the ascension symptoms and triggered the 5D getaway to open. What you are experiencing is not the 5D however, but glimpses of it. But hang on, let’s step back a bit. If we were in the 3rd dimension and we are heading to the 5th, what is the 4rth dimension? Newsflash: You are in the 4rth dimension right now!

The 4rth dimension

We are somewhere between 3rd and 5th dimension, otherwise known as the 4rth. 4rth dimension has qualities of both dimensions, and those who live in it feel them interchange. On one hand you experience the density, struggle, fear of the 3rd dimension, and on the other the love, the joy and richness of the 5th. You can say that the 4rth dimension has 2 levels, the lower 4rth dimension, which is a continuation of the 4rth, and the higher 4rth, which is the entrance to the 5D.

You weren’t able to fully align with the 5th dimension before, unless you were in a state of meditation or constant alignment for some time. Now, it feels much easier to tune into this higher realm of 5d and recognize its benefits.

Being in the 4rth dimension

Being in the 4rth dimension, means that you are far along the ascension process but not quite there. What you have managed to clear this far was the more “known” beliefs, trauma and density. Those that was easy to pin point, those who you were created in this lifetime, or those that have been coming up regularly for you. Now, along with the 2019, you are shedding density that comes from other lifetimes. Those are more deeply rooted in your DNA. Also you are asked to help clear the collective energy. What this means is that you are more sensitive to the collective energy that is now clearing. For more on this check out this article: Here

If all of energies came up in 2018 while you were still in the 3rd dimension you wouldn’t be able to handle all the density; but now you are benefiting from the lighter 5th energies. This makes you jump around with joy, purpose; you have clearer ideas and perceptions. You are more in tune in to your divinity, and this causes the density that arises manageable.

What you have noticed so far in January, is that the energies are no longer consistent. You no longer experience density, intense energy and symptoms of ascension sporadically through your days, rather within the same day. Half your day, you might be on a high, while the other half you are exhausted or generating negative thoughts. What does it all mean? Will this ever end?

And this brings us to the:

February forecast

Good news, bad news. The bad news is that similar energies will continue in February, making us generate love and positivity, while also fear and tension on the same day. The good news is that after February, the energies WILL become lighter. YES! This will allow us to catch a breath and focus on how much we have cleared during this 2 month period.

Ascension upgrades

After February has passed, you would have cleared so many of those fears and things that were holding you back, that will make you wonder if you are in fact the same person! You are the same person, but rather an updated version of it!

What’s more is that your body will begin to vibrate in higher frequency. You are able to hold more divine light frequency and this means, more healing and a better physical condition. After all sickness and disease are so 3rd dimension. Your senses also increase in light frequency, and this means that you are able to pick up information from other planes. Yes, those noises are not nothing. You perceive higher, lighter data. You might even listen to angel music! (Read this article for more on the topic.)

Your clairvoyant abilities also re-set by making you capture light or even geometric shapes all over the place. Don’t try to make sense of them just yet. You will require more upgrades to be able to fully understand them. Think of yourself as being in first grade of 5D. There are more advance classes still!

Life upgrading

More people begin to awake FINALLY! They’ve been sleeping for so long, but they finally begin to pick that something more is going on. Hopefully, they will make them search for it a bit more.

Hang on, February is not over yet. Your life will begin to take a turn all of its own. After all, you can’t receive love and an upgrade without your life and all areas of your life to benefit as well. You are able to pick up skills more easily. Your relationships are healing; or rather you see them differently. Similarly, your finances change a positive turn, all because you are tuning into more love and vibrant energy.

So February in a gist, it will be a lot to handle. Take frequent rests, don’t resist any symptoms, don’t fear them and most importantly, don’t focus on the negative. See them as a nod to return you to love. Remember, 4rth dimension means you move from 3rd to the 5th and that might feel like you are on a dimensional boat, riding the waves. See the positive, you will no longer stay in density for long, as you focus on love, you shift into the 5th energy with little effort (comparing to 2018).

Do you want to know more and stay updated for all regarding the ascension, the incoming energy influxes and tips to ride the wave? Join my private facebook group here.



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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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