The Month of self- growth & personal acceleration – September Angel Forecast

This summer felt super intense with great cosmic radiation, charged full moons and crystalline light downloads. This has pushed many to dive inwards, clear, release, shift. What this summer has started this coming September accelerates. Expect massive personal shifts, and glimpses from your 5D self that emerges.

Direct Divine Channeling follows:

Self growth & ascension

“Earthly years come and go, yet you who go through the ascension at this time, are not the same as before. You have agreed to join in this moment to help the collective lift. Some of you go through inner clearings, release karmic bonds, and free from fears that have been following you across lifetimes. The journey you have been doing has reached a milestone. We encourage you to look briefly in the time past, and to reminisce of what was before, and who you were now. Then you will realize your growth, your expansion and transformation.

You are not the same. The density you’ve been carrying lifts a bit more each time. The false beliefs fall away as you embrace more of your light. The veil that masked your understanding lifts as well. This makes you a continuously evolving being. Stop now and notice how far you’ve come.

We speak these words to you now, as you need to know them for what September has in store for you, dear one. This is the month where your personal expansion accelerates. Through just 1-2 months you will be able to shift worth of years of ascension process. These last few months you will expand faster than before.

Personal shifts & ascension

For some this might feel like a roller-coaster of emotions; forgotten memories come up for release, old wounds for healing. For others, this time might feel like you have opened up to new ideas and paths. It will seem like you are ready to face matters that frightened you, with a profound courage. You begin to view the word with fresh eyes, recognizing the difference of your past reactions and re-shaping the way you react and handle situations now. Do not be surprised by this change. recognize this new version of yourself. A cycle ends, worth lifetimes of trauma and fears.

You have achieved a milestone. The illuminated version of yourself is not that far away from you any longer, it is within grasp. You get moments of complete alignment, inspiration, creativity, jubilation. But all these will come once you dive in and face the fears, the worry, once you accept what was, and be willing to let it all go.

We advise that you write down all that you are ready to let go of, and change within yourself. Write down the fears that come up for you, the old memories that still bother you. This is a way to understand and face them all, by taking a closer look at them.

We want to remind you that what comes up is not to be ignored, as it comes to be faced. If something is uncomfortable, wishing it to go away doesn’t free you from it. Dive deeper dear one. (Read this)

Life change and ascension

As you change and shift, what once made sense, and felt a certain way, it suddenly alters as well. People, jobs, hobbies, interests, relationships will be affected as you begin to view them from a different light. Trust yourself. Don’t insist on keeping things the same. Change is the way you evolve. Trust your intuition and accept what doesn’t seem to fulfill you any longer. As your frequency shifts, the whole word responds differently to you.

Earth might seem closer to you than ever before. The way the wind blows, the leaves dance; the colors of the earth pop up. You are more in alignment with it all. They speak to you. That is because your frequency has increased and you are closer to the earth’s rhythm and flow. Use this time to sit outside, and just be; listen, observe.

Collective & ascension

Those still in lower frequency will seem disconnected from you, out of alignment, and alienated. People react in things that you find morose and confusing. Government, the news, society in general is being triggered by the density that arises. Those like you, that have increased in frequency, however, you have a choice to stay unaffected by the chaos of others. Keep your distance from things that seem chaotic, to maintain your high frequency.

As you are still new to this high frequency within you, you will find yourself moving across dimensions from low to high. This is normal for you right now. In time you will manage to sustain your frequency in higher dimensions more and more.

Many things will change. Some started to do so already. Your body will also begin to react differently in certain foods and situations. Trust your inner being; soon it will all make sense.”


If you want to experience glimpses of your ascended self here’s a powerful guided meditation: sou-journey

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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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