Why triggers are a good thing

This is a Divine channeling:

During high energy shifts, you might have noticed that you go through moments of utter density, fear creeps in, often moving you into a state of chaos, disharmony, and negativity loop. We’re here now to talk about these moments so that you are no longer afraid of them.

The reason behind Triggers

First, we want to help you understand what you face during the high energy shifts. Usually, when dense thoughts and fears come at the top of your mind, it is because they were flushed out, due to the high frequency entering your body. Those come up at the very front of your mind to be acknowledged for what they are – unnecessary strains. They are not needed and they are not in alignment with the new light that enters. So they are brought up to be acknowledged and released. The psych then is able to free of those unnecessary burdens, but a simple acknowledgment is required.

Allowing yourself to feel them, to allow their energy to move through your emotions, is a way that they clear. For this to occur, just intend that they do so. “I allow what doesn’t serve me to release” “I let go whatever is not alignment with the light to exit”. Intentions like that help the energy to move through and exit. (Read how to identify ascension symptoms)

Triggers and Ascension

Many times the human mind is unable to comprehend what occurs during an energy wave. So a density that is being brought up is seen as a threat, causing you to go into a negative spiral, only adding to the dense energy already being brought up. In those cases, just allow your body to relax, and remind yourself that you’re going through a major transformation and that this time is needed to release and clear whatever keeps you from alignment and high frequency.

If the mind goes in denial, trying to resist whatever it’s occurring, you bring tension and unnecessary worry into your body. The more you fletch, the more difficult it is to clear whatever is being brought up, and it thus requires more time to exit and for your energy to return to alignment.

During the high energy shifts, it is normal to go through the triggers. They are a natural progression of the clearing processes. If those come up again and again for you, continue to allow them to clear and exit. It always helps to replace any fearful thoughts with high vibrational, reassuring thoughts so that those repeat in your mind whenever the strong density is brought up.

Many times, those fearful thoughts, or triggers have nothing to do with the clearing or inner transformation going on inside your body. The mind simply brings them up to match the density felt so that it can explain why you feel this way. The ego wouldn’t otherwise understand what the problem of the agitation is. It scans the memory to bring you similar experiences/emotions/traumas to help “identify” the cause of the disturbance. Then you pick up that thought and believe it is the cause of the density, which is not true. That simply plays in your mind like a record.

Just intend for the negative fearful thought to clear with the waves of light. Then state a reassuring affirmation to help you feel safe.


Affirmations to help with triggers

Here are some reassuring thoughts to have if you found yourself in a negativity spiral:

  • I allow the waves of light to come and go, and clear all my fears along with them.
  • I allow the density to clear so that I return to the light, peace, and ease faster.
  • I know that all is well, what I feel now it’s only temporary. A confirmation of light moving through me, and transforming me in a higher consciousness.
  • I thank the thought/fear/memory/worry for coming up. I know choose to release you to the light.
  • I’m constantly returning to more light and love, regardless of how I feel at the moment.
  • I understand that this thought/emotion does not serve me. So I intent it to clear and release fully and completely across all levels and layers of time, so that a beneficial thought/belief/emotion takes its place.
  • I’m going well. This feeling is but a confirmation of powerful shifts occurring. After this is gone I will be in more alignment and hold more light than before. All is well.
  • Experiencing this is needed in order to clear and release the density and return to the light.
  • May my guides and angels of light join me now, help me to alchemize this density to love and light quicker.
  • I know that whatever occurs in this moment is necessary for what comes next. So I allow myself to feel it, knowing that I’m doing a wonderful job.
  • I have so many guides and angels with me, surrounding me now. Help me feel safe and return to love. Help me know your presence with me and carry away all the fear.
  • It is necessary for me to feel this so that it clears faster. The more I allow myself to feel this, the faster it clears.
  • I’m a being of light going through a powerful transformation. Regardless of how it might feel now, I’m always returning to light.
  • There’s so much light within me, and there are so many guides and angels assisting me, that returning to a higher vibration it is a matter of time. I’m always returning to alignment because it is my path. I am of the light, returning to more light.
  • I have done so much light work and went through so much light influxes, that I am part of the light, and nothing can take me off this path.
  • I allow myself to feel and navigate what comes, knowing that I return to more light and love as I do.
  • It is safe to experience what comes up, that’s why it is brought up.
  • I am the master of my own thoughts and emotions. I thus intend to release and clear whatever doesn’t serve me, whatever brings me density to the light.
  • I choose to return to alignment, to love and joy now.
  • This feeling/emotion is a confirmation that I go through powerful transformations. I’m so grateful to welcome more light in my body and life.
  • I know that this is only temporary. I always return to the light.
  • I’m supposed to experience the waves. I’m doing it right!
  • I’m always progressing regardless of how I experience this. I’m doing a good job.


How to handle triggers

Allow yourself to experience what comes up with no fear. There is a reason why you go through this process. There is a reason they are brought up for you. Acknowledge them and then choose to release and let go. If at any moment you go into the fear state, it is alright too. You always integrate and grow. Every time you learn from any experience. Just know it is safe and it is alright to feel, to allow the waves to move you. Anything that you go through is right for you right now and you can handle it whatever it is. Sometimes the waves might feel stronger, sometimes the shifts might feel longer, but you integrate, you grow, you expand, you shift, you elevate, you transform each time, regardless of how you view them, or allow them.

If you need help on your journey call for us to soothe you, to surround you (Your light team, angels, spirit guides, light beings). Feel our presence calming you. You are doing an exceptional job, regardless if you “get triggered” or not. You always integrate and move forward. To us, you are doing an exceptional job. Feel safe in that knowing that it is all worth it. It does get better. Soon the density won’t be as strong, allowing you to experience the shifts with a peace of mind instead of continuous stain and fear.”


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