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The book of Divine Messages

What if you could talk to angels any time you needed? What if you could have their divine guidance with you constantly? “The book of Divine Messages” shares 365 divinely guided messages for daily assistance or instant support. I know

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Amelia Bert Interview

Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. I have officially published one book but I have many more in the making. The support of the people makes me want to keep going! What is the name

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Spiritual Guidebook with inside secrets

After years of research and extensive documentation I present all secrets, tips and techniques you will need while on the spiritual path. When I was new in spirituality, I wanted to read a book that gave me all the inside

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Number Sequences

You have glanced at the clock and noticed the number 11:11, must commonly than others. If you pay attention to the numbers all around, they will begin to speak to you, guide you, and bring messages from above. Number sequences

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Angel book that leads to spiritual empowerment

Our book celebrates a month of publication that is from week one an AMAZON BESTELLER in the categories of Angels and Channeling. Book description: In this book, the Angels respond to all your inquiries, thoughts and prayers. They share their

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The exciting Lightworker's Community is coming soon!

Through this membership you get a tremendous opportunity to discover your true potential, receive powerful energy transmissions, work with energy codes, reprogramming, regenerating, clearing old layers of beliefs and be guided to a life filled with light and love.

Directly from Angel guidance

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