Mind blowing take on Alternative Realities

Channeling “Your life takes you in various phases, out of which you have to make decisions, choices, and take different paths. In fact, there is not really one life path, one destiny but the options that exist for each one are abundant. While you are living a life experience, many other timelines exist with...
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5d january 2020

Setting new foundations – January Angel forecast

A lot have taken place in 2019 with major clearings of mass collective consciousness. Past ideals, perceptions and programing’s controlled by the ego have finally been lifted. Now entering January, there is a “clean slate”, a breath of fresh air that arises once that density has been lifted. Those of you that feel the...
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2020 The year of transformation – Angel Forecast 2020

Direct Angel channeling: “As 2019 comes to a conclusion, we are very grateful to have watched you grow and transform in such a big way. 2019 has been very transformational to you who read this, but know that this has only scratched the surface for what will follow in 2020. The way we can...
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December Angel Forecast – Earth has risen

December brings us wonderful upgrades as it initiates the official frequency rise of the earth! Energy is at its peak however as Old situations clear, parts of your life conclude and unresolved emotions rise. Can you handle the December drama? Chaotic December 2019 As we get closer to 2020 everything might seem to be...
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The Spiritual truth about solar storms

You have heard the term “solar storms” and how they affect our electromagnetic field, but what does that mean? What goes on during a solar storm, and how are affected by it? Find out the meaning behind these magnetic disruptions and their valid role in our spiritual ascension. What is a solar storm During...
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novemeber forecast 2019

You are Becoming the light source – NOVEMBER ANGEL FORECAST

October leaves us more attuned and energetically re-programmed than when it joined, but November shifts our energy fields, increasing our light frequency and radiance almost tripled in size than before! Are you ready to jump into more details? Light workers Increase in radiance Let’s take it one thing at a time. Through October we...
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How to make the most out of the moon cycles

Perhaps you have noticed that each time the new moon is near, you become restless, agitated, fearful, whereas with the full moon you get a sense of excitement and empowerment. The cycles of the moon affect us more than you think, but you can take advantage of its shifts to progress along your spiritual...
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real fairies

What you know & don’t know about Fairies

Fairies are real! But wait, What do you know about fairies? Yes, sure they are small shiny beings that exist in nature but set apart from myths and folklore their existence was a mystery, until now. Seeing beyond the veil As the veil of illusion is thinning on earth, as we elevate in higher...
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anxiety and spirituality

Ascension Anxiety: Master it like a boss!

In august 2017 I begun feeling strong anxiety and it was something that I never experienced this way before. The matter of fact was that it would come and go away suddenly. After months of observation and energy work I finally got it. It wasn’t a normal anxiety; it was ascension anxiety that came...
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