novemeber forecast 2019

You are Becoming the light source – NOVEMBER ANGEL FORECAST

October leaves us more attuned and energetically re-programmed than when it joined, but November shifts our energy fields, increasing our light frequency and radiance almost tripled in size than before! Are you ready to jump into more details? Light workers Increase in radiance Let’s take it one thing at a time. Through October we...
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How to make the most out of the moon cycles

Perhaps you have noticed that each time the new moon is near, you become restless, agitated, fearful, whereas with the full moon you get a sense of excitement and empowerment. The cycles of the moon affect us more than you think, but you can take advantage of its shifts to progress along your spiritual...
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real fairies

What you know & don’t know about Fairies

Fairies are real! But wait, What do you know about fairies? Yes, sure they are small shiny beings that exist in nature but set apart from myths and folklore their existence was a mystery, until now. Seeing beyond the veil As the veil of illusion is thinning on earth, as we elevate in higher...
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anxiety and spirituality

Ascension Anxiety: Master it like a boss!

In august 2017 I begun feeling strong anxiety and it was something that I never experienced this way before. The matter of fact was that it would come and go away suddenly. After months of observation and energy work I finally got it. It wasn’t a normal anxiety; it was ascension anxiety that came...
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Forming the 5D body – October Angel Forecast

You went through such a powerful portal of light in September and that has granted you a milestone in your ascension path. You have undergone energy clearing and activations, you released ego illusions, and you got glimpses of the power of your soul. As October joins, you continue to shift, only this time the...
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Why you experience heaviness and shortness of breath – ascension symptom

Ascension symptom series 6: Shortness of breath and heaviness symptom of shortness of breath in ascension There is a perfectly good explanation of why you experience dyspnea during ascension.Your body tries to adjust to the new waves of energy. Symptom of heaviness in ascension A very common symptom that might join you along with...
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dragons and spirituality

Dragons & spirituality

Mythology and lore talk about these creatures known as dragons. Many made up stories call them “mythical”, but what’s the real truth? Do dragons exist? Did they use to walk on earth in physical form? Do you have a dragon as spirit animal? 1. The existence of Real dragons If you grew up believing...
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Guidance from your Angelic team to triumph over the ascension waves

Whenever you read this message, let it be a message from your spiritual team just for YOU. There are no coincidences in the realm of light. Your team wanted to attune you to this message to help you with what you go through now. Read the message carefully, and as you do feel their...
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Experiences of the new earth – Connecting with my 5D self

The intensity of the ascension waves are slowly but steadily increasing. This means that we are clearing with faster speed the 3D consciousness and we implement the 5D one. The shifts that will follow as we embark in the new 5D earth will seem profound to us as everything will change to life as...
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