dragons and spirituality

Dragons & spirituality

Mythology and lore talk about these creatures known as dragons. Many made up stories call them “mythical”, but what’s the real truth? Do dragons exist? Did they use to walk on earth in physical form? Do you have a dragon as spirit animal? 1. The existence of Real dragons If you grew up believing...
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Guidance from your Angelic team to triumph over the ascension waves

Whenever you read this message, let it be a message from your spiritual team just for YOU. There are no coincidences in the realm of light. Your team wanted to attune you to this message to help you with what you go through now. Read the message carefully, and as you do feel their...
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Experiences of the new earth – Connecting with my 5D self

The intensity of the ascension waves are slowly but steadily increasing. This means that we are clearing with faster speed the 3D consciousness and we implement the 5D one. The shifts that will follow as we embark in the new 5D earth will seem profound to us as everything will change to life as...
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september forecast

The fire of awakening – September Angel Forecast

September joins us with fires burning in the trees of the Amazon rainforest, and an intense new moon revealing inner fears. The good news is however that September will grant a powerful transformation within us. The following is a direct Angel channeling: September energy reading 2019 September joins you followed by intense light transmissions,...
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Understand a soul’s journey through Dimensions

Different attributes exist in the various dimensions, all of them available to serve a higher purpose. The dimensions are states of consciousness where everything on those dimensions vibrates, communicates and perceives in. Every being living or in spirit exist in several aspects of dimensions, either moving from, to or ascend towards. Find the complete...
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Your 3D life falls away – August energy forecast

The no-nonsense month is here! You have been preparing for what’s in store this month for 3 months before this point. The energy that comes through in August is profound, moving you further into your spiritual elevation. August is halfway through the year making it a powerful energy month with the lion’s gate portal...
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The powerful 3 step process to survive this Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde means that the planet moves in an opposite direction to Earth. The same thing happens when our planet passes Mercury in our orbit around the sun. Mercury moves slower than Earth, and seems like it’s moving in retrograde. If you are an empath or sensitive you experience intensity, fears and you are...
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Returning to your divine truth – July Forecast

July is in the middle of the year, and it is perhaps the most important month energetically speaking. It is filled with a lot of ascension changes, and it carries the vibrations of the whole year (first half and second half). During this month you will progress massively on your journey to ascension as...
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The difference between soul mates & twin flames

Many claim that “they found their soul mate”, or that “they look for their twin flame”, but what does that really mean? Do we all have a perfect mate that is the best match for our character and traits that will ensure a happy ever after for us? Is it possible to find that...
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