11 ways to Brighten the dark night of the soul

Regardless if you  are just going through your spiritual awakening, or if you experience the shifts of the powerful energy transformation we face, there are times that you might feel so much intensity that it gets really uncomfortable. We need a SOS aid as we go through a massive transformation of our entire essence...
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Sealing the shifts – JANUARY ANGEL FORECAST

“You have worked diligently the past few weeks, releasing old patterns, purging with new transformative light, anchoring it and spreading it in the earth, and in the collective. The work you have done has created a rift of light powerful enough to keep the earth and the collective in a higher vibration. Once those...
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The new year of spring – 2021 angel forecast

You are heading towards a powerful activation, and initiation that is to prepare you for the entrance of 2021, that will welcome a new frequency upon the earth. (Read all you wanted to know about Ascension here.) The current shifts preparing us for 2021 Many things will suffice in the new coming year, changes...
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Anchoring the seeds of light – December angel forecast

The following is an Angel Channeling – A powerful read for all light-workers: “The cycle of a flower: it fades, it loses its petals, the bloom shrinks and dries and fades. The plant re-generates, pauses and then restores creating another bloom, bright, healthy, vibrant. It doesn’t mean that the plant is dead when its...
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Shifting the 3D spell Angel Forecast November 2020

“You went through powerful shifts during September and especially October, that prepare you for uncovering the veil of illusion. You are no longer held under the illusion of 3D reality. You have the choice to see past that, and into the truth, into the light. So many portals have opened up for you, and...
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ascension news

Preparing for 5D initiations – October Angel forecast

Divine channeling follows: There are many shifts and varying energies that will come through this October. You will notice you are in bliss one moment aligning with the energies of the 5D, and the next you are overwhelmed. October tries to harmonize what was, what is being released, and the new high energy that...
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spirituality and spaceships

Visiting a Galactic spaceship

Have ever visited a galactic spaceship? Do you have a memory of it, or even dreams about it? During this time of ascension there are hundreds of galactic “spaceships” above the sky all with the intention of helping us navigate through this spiritual ascension. The following is a Divine channeling: Galactic beings and ascension...
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The Month of self- growth & personal acceleration – September Angel Forecast

This summer felt super intense with great cosmic radiation, charged full moons and crystalline light downloads. This has pushed many to dive inwards, clear, release, shift. What this summer has started this coming September accelerates. Expect massive personal shifts, and glimpses from your 5D self that emerges. Direct Divine Channeling follows: Self growth &...
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AUGUST FORECAST – The start of a new energy year

Direct divine channeling Since May you have been preparing for what’s to follow this August. The shifts, the waves of light, the clearings, have all been preparing you for this next phase of ascension. in august lots of things that started energetically will conclude. It will be the wrap of the current shifts. The...
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