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Preparing for 5D initiations – October Angel forecast

Divine channeling follows: There are many shifts and varying energies that will come through this October. You will notice you are in bliss one moment aligning with the energies of the 5D, and the next you are overwhelmed. October tries to harmonize what was, what is being released, and the new high energy that...
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spirituality and spaceships

Visiting a Galactic spaceship

Have ever visited a galactic spaceship? Do you have a memory of it, or even dreams about it? During this time of ascension there are hundreds of galactic “spaceships” above the sky all with the intention of helping us navigate through this spiritual ascension. The following is a Divine channeling: Galactic beings and ascension...
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The Month of self- growth & personal acceleration – September Angel Forecast

This summer felt super intense with great cosmic radiation, charged full moons and crystalline light downloads. This has pushed many to dive inwards, clear, release, shift. What this summer has started this coming September accelerates. Expect massive personal shifts, and glimpses from your 5D self that emerges. Direct Divine Channeling follows: Self growth &...
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AUGUST FORECAST – The start of a new energy year

Direct divine channeling Since May you have been preparing for what’s to follow this August. The shifts, the waves of light, the clearings, have all been preparing you for this next phase of ascension. in august lots of things that started energetically will conclude. It will be the wrap of the current shifts. The...
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Spiritual meaning of the owl

Owls always see the light. They better navigate at night as the light doesn’t blind them, since they see illuminated shapes. It is better for them to distinguish objects, and the horizon when not everything is too bright. This makes them excellent navigators through the darkness. Owls are clever animals with great intuition that...
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july 2020 ascension news

July angel forecast – Your Light codes are activating

There’s no doubt we’re going through a major stepping stone in the ascension progress right now. This summer it will be intense, it already begun in May, and the intensity will continue until Mid-September.  This July all awakened lightworkers go through major light activations. Here’s what the angels say about it: July 2020 energy...
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ascension symptoms heaviness

11 reasons the ascension symptoms are a good thing

Ascension density and heaviness Those of you who go through the ascension, you will face moments of utter joy as well as moments of intense negativity, density, anxiety, distress as many abnormal symptoms arise in your mind and body. This might take you off guard and spiral you down the worry path unable to...
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june energy report 2020

Crystalline light transforms us – June Forecast

May started powerful clearings and upgrades that continue in June. This June you will face many shadows that will ultimate bring you freedom and peace. A life review is also in the means in the coming months, as your life is getting ready to transform. This is a direct channeling from Divine light beings:...
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Why you experience Hot flashes – Ascension symptom

This video is a direct Divine channeling from intuitive Amelia Bert. Ascension is the elevation of the universal frequency to a higher vibration, closer to love and light. The earth finally shifts from the 3D to 5D frequency and there are many shifts and cosmic events that help us achieve it. During this time,...
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