Ascension symptom series 10: Eye blurriness, ear sensitivity, Fogginess

Those ascension symptoms are discussed in the video: – Suddenly your eyes might see blurry. When you close and open them, it is normal until you go through that again. They might not even be able to focus so that you read. 00:55 – Your ears experience whooshing sounds, or ear ringing. 02:53 –...
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The Secret Guide To Energy Getaways

This article is a direct channeling from Light beings:  “During the time of a light getaway, there is a powerful energy force pulling you towards lighter frequencies of higher dimensions. This is called an “energetic getaway” or “light portal” or even “stargate” because it allows you tune into higher realms that you wouldn’t otherwise...
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Clearing waves – April Forecast 2020

The following is a direct Divine Channeling: “Raise your chin up, dust the fear off your clothes. Breathe in the air of change that will soon join you during this month. You have gone thru some great shifts in March. This has been rather challenging but not in vain. You have learned to differentiate...
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Spirituality and conovirus

Direct Divine Channeling “You are asked to release the fear that keeps you bound and restricted. You’re more than your fear. Your energy is so vibrant and it’s constantly growing and elevating that no virus can stand in the way of your expansion. This outbreak that you are so afraid of, do not let...
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march ascension updates 2020

The sun after the storm – MARCH FORECAST 2020

The energy of 2020 has joined strongly and it has brought great inner shifts and activations at a soul level. As March joins, it brings a grander sense of ease, comfort and alignment. The great changes you went through will become noticed. March brings many days of balance and a sense that time has...
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february forecast monthly ascension news 2020

The roller-coaster month – February Forecast 2020

February angel forecast 2020 February carries the energies of 2020tied together in 29 days. There will be great energy portals, light transmission events, and it will surely fast track our ascension progress quite a lot. If you prefer it in one phrase that will be a ‘rollercoaster month’.   Light portals in February January...
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Mind blowing take on Alternative Realities

Channeling “Your life takes you in various phases, out of which you have to make decisions, choices, and take different paths. In fact, there is not really one life path, one destiny but the options that exist for each one are abundant. While you are living a life experience, many other timelines exist with...
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5d january 2020

Setting new foundations – January Angel forecast

A lot have taken place in 2019 with major clearings of mass collective consciousness. Past ideals, perceptions and programing’s controlled by the ego have finally been lifted. Now entering January, there is a “clean slate”, a breath of fresh air that arises once that density has been lifted. Those of you that feel the...
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2020 The year of transformation – Angel Forecast 2020

Direct Angel channeling: “As 2019 comes to a conclusion, we are very grateful to have watched you grow and transform in such a big way. 2019 has been very transformational to you who read this, but know that this has only scratched the surface for what will follow in 2020. The way we can...
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