All I have been able to say since this reading is wow. I am so in awe and filled with so much love. I had vibrations throughout every Chakra, and I felt another level of ascension JUST THROUGH THE MESSAGE! This reading has solidified everything I’ve ever known, the guidance I have received, and the way I am choosing to live my life. I thank you so very much for this. I recommend this to EVERYONE! This has given me an even deeper, profound sense of excitement, hope, and pure love and joy!! Love love love!

Kayleigh Alexa

A lot of what was written in the past life reading resonated with me! This was my first past life reading that I’ve had and I was surprised at how similar that lifetime was to the one that I am currently living. The childhood, although under different circumstances, had very similar themes to the one that I’ve had now. It pointed out a lot of areas that I wasn’t consciously aware of that could use resolving.

It also highlighted an area that I personally felt that I wasn’t good at and showed me that I have actually had great success at it. And so it showed me that I actually have a lot of experience to pull from and that I can really rely on myself because I’ve already done this. It’s just about doing it again on a larger scale and with no worries. The ending especially was very uplifting.

Thank you again for the reading as I immensely enjoyed it and felt like I learn a lot from reading this.

Thank you,

Sharon White

Sharon White

Wow! Thank you so much for your work! The reading was absolutely lovely and it touched me so very deeply and helped eased a lot of the worries that I had.

Sharon Wh.

I have been blessed by you and my angels. The messages I received around my two questions profoundly resonated with me! I am inspired and delighted and felt their unconditional love, guidance and support.

There are no accidents. I found you and it was meant for me to hear these words from my angels. I feel truly honored and blessed.

With deep gratitude,


Amelia channels with compassion and stunning accuracy. She brought forth so much love and light for my reading, everything resonated with truth and positivity.
She is accessing the frequency of the most high, transcending boundaries between worlds.


Sarah S.
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