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Wow! Thank you so much for your work! The reading was absolutely lovely and it touched me so very deeply and helped eased a lot of the worries that I had.

Sharon Wh.

I have been blessed by you and my angels. The messages I received around my two questions profoundly resonated with me! I am inspired and delighted and felt their unconditional love, guidance and support.

There are no accidents. I found you and it was meant for me to hear these words from my angels. I feel truly honored and blessed.

With deep gratitude,


Amelia channels with compassion and stunning accuracy. She brought forth so much love and light for my reading, everything resonated with truth and positivity.
She is accessing the frequency of the most high, transcending boundaries between worlds.


Sarah S.

At a time when “Confusion” was the word that best described my life, I reached out to Amelia to ask the Angels for guidance. She sent me the Angels’ answers to my questions, but I dismissed them at the time because of fear and worry. About six months later, I’ve decided to follow their advice and I have to say that ever since I did that my life started changing in such a wonderful, positive way! I am extremely grateful for the guidance, love and help that the Angels provided through Amelia!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!


Andrian Posea

Amelia, it was a pleasure to read the answers from angels reading. It has been 4 years since what happened, no one could explain it to me, so when I found Amelia’s website I thought to give it a try. And the answers were a delightful insight. Thank you for giving me a peace of mind. Definitely recommend.


Francine Yacintha
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