Kind Words

I am so glad and grateful that I found you. Your spirit and guidance speaks directly to my heart. I’ve been listening to and studying dozens of other spiritual teachers and disciplines for over a couple of years, Although you resonate with me much more than the others. I feel your heart. I would like to say THANK YOU and please keep up the great service that you are sharing. As usual, I eagerly wait for your next lesson to get me closer to my Awakening. Sincerely, Todd

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I love reading love reading and learning from Amelia! I started my awakening in early 2017. My life has changed dramatically since then. I’m still trying to understand the process and her information and guidance is a tremendous gift. Ty, Amelia!

Hello Amelia! It feels odd writing this, as I don't tend to reach out to authors. However, I just finished your book "The truth of all that is", literally Multiple times with tears in my eyes because I knew what was being read is the truth. I have sensed some of these writings within myself, unsure why and somewhat. After reading your book I have truly in my soul realized I was hedging on the right track, however learned so much more. Life is so wondrous, and I will forever focus on the good,, love and beauty of it all. It felt like I accidentally found your book on a blind Google search for spiritual self help etc. I have NO doubts that this was not an accident. A loving spirit of light thought perhaps I was ready now to read this. Thank you again and God bless you! Kendall

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I've just finished your book and I believe that it has done more help me. Your book is the only thing that has gotten me through this time in my life. I have told others about it. My past has been so painful, I'm hoping there is light in my future. THANK YOU, Linda

Thank you so much for listening to the Angels and writing this book. It has confirmed and taught me so much. I first read this book the week after a painful death in the family and although I felt the pain of loss, I almost could not contain my feelings of love and peace. When I got to the chapter where I was instructed to "test" the book by asking for something, a song, an object, anything, even though I didn't feel I needed to, I did it. When the song I requested came on the radio I was on a 1-1/2 hour driving trip. The emotion that overtook me was overwhelming. I just wanted to thank you and the Angels for reconfirming and changing my life! Love and peace always, Sue

My name is Rick Blyn and I had purchased your book "The Truth of all that is" a few months ago on Amazon and I wanted to send you a message thanking you for this book. It was pivotal in changing my life, and quite honestly a turning point in saving it. I had some personal struggles and was a bit confused on the messages I was receiving until I read this book. I absolutely connected with the Angels the moment I dug into it and have been, with increasing success ever since. Things started to turn for the better rather quickly and where I sit now, I have nothing but sincere thanks for the time and effort you put into it. Thank you for sharing your gifts and the messages from the Angels!! Respectfully, Rick Blyn