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Maybe this is a short stop towards your life’s purpose, maybe you will allow me to come along your awesome journey to spiritual expansion. In either case, thank you for being here. This is a place to gather resources that will help you empower your connection with the angels, strengthen your intuition and expand towards your soul’s purpose.

I’m Amelia Bert a spiritual author, Angel channel and an ascension guide. My path is to help you expand your spiritual awareness and divine gifts to live a life of purpose and joy. My allies on this quest are the Angels and lighted beings that bring you messages and energy transmissions through my work: books, blog and meditations.


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dragons and spirituality

Dragons & spirituality

Mythology and lore talk about these creatures known as dragons. Many made up stories call them “mythical”, but what’s the real truth? Do dragons exist? Did they use to walk on earth in physical form? Do you have a dragon as spirit animal? 1. The existence of Real dragons...

Guidance from your Angelic team to triumph over the ascension waves

Whenever you read this message, let it be a message from your spiritual team just for YOU. There are no coincidences in the realm of light. Your team wanted to attune you to this message to help you with what you go through now. Read the message carefully, and...

Experiences of the new earth – Connecting with my 5D self

The intensity of the ascension waves are slowly but steadily increasing. This means that we are clearing with faster speed the 3D consciousness and we implement the 5D one. The shifts that will follow as we embark in the new 5D earth will seem profound to us as everything...

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Through this membership you get a tremendous opportunity to discover your true potential, receive powerful energy transmissions, work with energy codes, reprogramming, regenerating, clearing old layers of beliefs and be guided to a life filled with light and love.

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