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I'm Amelia Bert

Your angels guided you here and now. You are on the path to spiritual expansion. Welcome!

Maybe this is a short stop towards your life’s purpose, maybe you will allow me to come along your awesome journey to spiritual expansion. In either case, thank you for being here. This is a place to gather resources that will help you empower your connection with the angels, strengthen your intuition and expand towards your soul’s purpose.

I’m Amelia Bert a spiritual author, Angel channel and an ascension guide. My path is to help you expand your spiritual awareness and divine gifts to live a life of purpose and joy. My allies on this quest are the Angels and lighted beings that bring you messages and energy transmissions through my work: books, blog and meditations.


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june energy report 2020

Crystalline light transforms us – June Forecast

May started powerful clearings and upgrades that continue in June. This June you will face many shadows that will ultimate bring you freedom and peace. A life review is also in the means in the coming months, as your life is getting ready to transform. This is a direct...

Why you experience Hot flashes – Ascension symptom

This video is a direct Divine channeling from intuitive Amelia Bert. Ascension is the elevation of the universal frequency to a higher vibration, closer to love and light. The earth finally shifts from the 3D to 5D frequency and there are many shifts and cosmic events that help us...
ascension symptoms negativity

Why you experience Negative thoughts – Ascension symptom

As we go through the ascension, you might experience strong negative emotions, density, and fearful thoughts. Some of those fears might seem familiar, while others are unjustified, but one thing is for sure, they trigger negative thoughts that keep you in low vibration, anxiety and panic. First of all...

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