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Maybe this is a short stop towards your life’s purpose, maybe you will allow me to come along your awesome journey to spiritual expansion. In either case, thank you for being here. This is a place to gather resources that will help you empower your connection with the angels, strengthen your intuition and expand towards your soul’s purpose.

I’m Amelia Bert a spiritual author, Angel channel and an ascension guide. My path is to help you expand your spiritual awareness and divine gifts to live a life of purpose and joy. My allies on this quest are the Angels and lighted beings that bring you messages and energy transmissions through my work: books, blog and meditations.


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novemeber forecast 2019

You are Becoming the light source – NOVEMBER ANGEL FORECAST

October leaves us more attuned and energetically re-programmed than when it joined, but November shifts our energy fields, increasing our light frequency and radiance almost tripled in size than before! Are you ready to jump into more details? Light workers Increase in radiance Let’s take it one thing at...

How to make the most out of the moon cycles

Perhaps you have noticed that each time the new moon is near, you become restless, agitated, fearful, whereas with the full moon you get a sense of excitement and empowerment. The cycles of the moon affect us more than you think, but you can take advantage of its shifts...
real fairies

What you know & don’t know about Fairies

Fairies are real! But wait, What do you know about fairies? Yes, sure they are small shiny beings that exist in nature but set apart from myths and folklore their existence was a mystery, until now. Seeing beyond the veil As the veil of illusion is thinning on earth,...

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