Sun Muse Moon Wreath


Working on each wreath, I call for Divine light beings to assign it energetics that it shares to those around it. The energy around this wreath is aligned with the sun. Rejuvenates, restores vitality and mental health. The sun is a powerful tool that shares higher frequency constantly with us. This Wreath harnesses part of that energy and shares it to those around.

Many light beings work with this energy are linked with the energy of this wreath, to help share those qualities to the environment and those around. Having this wreath around you, it attunes you to that frequency.

An 12,5-inch wreath adorned with real sunflowers, eucalyptus leaves, rabbit tails, daisies, wild flowers and plants. Hanging in the center is a geode slice with yellow rays. At the end, yellow cotton fabric for a flowy effect.

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This wreath is made from real dried flowers and plants.

The gemstone is a natural Geode slice druzy.

Druzy crystals have been used to induce creativity and relaxation, as well as to help with emotional problems. The healing properties of Druzy crystals are basically the same as the gem material they are made of. They are great for promoting natural healing on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

This wreath is made from real dried flowers so keep them out of direct sunlight and moisture, to last indefinitely.

All gemstones are cleansed charged and programmed for protection.

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Dimensions 32 × 95 cm

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