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I just had an amazing reading. She gave me the guidance from my guides to achieve my goals. It was emotional and accurate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart in helping me out on my journey

Agapi Thomas

I had a great reading and many things that she said were bang on. Made me happy and looking forward to my future. Excited about my new job that awaits me and getting connected more to my angels. thank you again!


Thank you for the angel reading, it resonated with me and put things in perspective. I would highly recommend!

Lina Mele-Gallo

She has an amazing gift and does wonderful things with it. She’s a great listener and was spot on, at least when it came to my reading.. Very positive and I felt safe with her. many blessings

Celine Petrillo

Had a lovely reading! Was comforting and a few good things mentioned coming to me to look forward to Xx

Paula Mc Kevitt
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