The 100-day Magical Ride to Bliss


The 100-day Magical Ride to Bliss


This book is your grant milestone. Prepare for a project that will change your life!

Who wouldn’t want to exist in a state of harmony and bliss? To align their thoughts in such a way that would bring them elation as well as manifest their deepest desires and unlock the best version of themselves?!

This book brings you a step-by-step 100-day guide to achieve that state of being!


Your incredible guide to bring Heaven on Earth.

Amelia Bert takes you by the hand and guides you on a 70-minute journey a day, to a brand new state of being, harmonious thoughts, a reprogrammed subconscious and an elevated frequency.

The exercises compose a successful bundle of mindfulness, spirituality, law of attraction, phycology, and childlike play practices, dares and activities.

You will learn a lifetime’s worth of skills, tools, and lessons that will accompany you throughout your entire life!


‘The 100-day Magical ride to Bliss’ book benefits in the following ways:

  • Happiness boost
  • Manifest desires
  • Release of old beliefs
  • Positive mindset
  • Spiritual connection
  • Self-confidence
  • Inner peace
  • Greater health
  • Proactivity


In any state that you are in, from your lowest point, emotion or need for change and growth, this book will shift and transform you.

Have fun, relax and enjoy the ride!



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