Wisdom of God enfold me


What will you ask God and the Angels? The answers might be in this book.

“A very revealing book with an in depth and thought-provoking analysis that could make one to be more at ease with some realities of life.”

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What will God say?

A team of Lighted spirits and Angels surround the creation of this book by sharing their guidance and wisdom to questions that we impose every day. Their pure Light and energy is transmitted through the words that you are about to read, bringing you the replies that you seek while inviting you towards the Light of God.
“Dear Angels of the Light, Enlighten me”, is the prayer that brought this book into creation. Allow yourself to remember the answers to questions that you have forgotten. We are all parts of this divine energy of God, and as we read it, we invite it in our lives to guide and illuminate us.

Do you have a question for the Angels?
They already know you do, and they respond to you through this book. Read it, and enlighten.


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