Moss Agate: for burning negative connections


This beautiful moss opal burns away negative people, and thoughts from its surroundings.


Type: moss agate

color: clear, red, grey

*Light has been added in pictures and video so that you can see clarity and make the colors and patterns of the stone pop.

Gemstone channeling:Similar to the flames in my body, i work as fire to negative thinking. I help you to eliminate bad thoughts, people and events from close to you. Put me in a place where people join your space often. I will help too keep the bad influences away.”

WEIGHT: 209g

The stone is tumbled, but did not undergo any cutting process. It is completely cleansed and can be programmed per your choosing, free of charge before being shipped

*price is given according to size and power.

Additional information

Weight 0.209 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 4 cm


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