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Mind-Blowing Angel experiences

Angels are always available to you whenever you need aid. While they are not physical beings their energy can be felt by those who are more sensitive. Their connections can become evident to those who tune in regularly and pay

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The science & power of an Angel Reading

There those times that you find yourself in need of guidance, direction from someone who knows you, who understands, but also who has all the answers, who is wise and trustworthy. Your spiritual team ticks all the points, They are

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How the angels answer your prayers

This is a Direct ANGEL channeling: “Many of you wonder and doubt about our presence with you at any time. When you pray your natural ego self cannot help but wonder“am I alone? Am I surrounded by angels?” and then

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Angel companions and protectors

This is a direct Angel Narration: “Many of you ask and wonder about the unseen protectors that exist upon your physical lifetime. You might not be able to see who they are and how they protect you so you lose

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WEEK 2: Mindfulness with the Angels

I hope you were successful with the first week of Mindfulness. Do leave your comments below on how successful you were with the Week no.1 This week is all about DESIRES. Your desires are a reflection of your life’s path,

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Do angels walk among us in physical form?

Many wonder how do angels form miracles? How do they assist us everyday? Do they walk among us? The truth is that angels and any other loving spirit that exists in the non physical, are not the “do-and-tell type”. They

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WEEK 1: Mindfulness with the Angels

Dearest angel lovers, what do you say every Sunday I give you a little “task” to help you make the best of your Spiritual abilities?! All aboard this is WEEK 1: Release all that worries you. We know that worrying

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Directly from Angel guidance

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