Spirituality & Food – why I changed my diet and how you can too

I was guided to detox my diet. Here’s how it happened: I was receiving signs and encouragement from my spiritual team to pay attention to what I consumed. As I was much occupied with life, I missed those signs.

As time progressed, I began feeling unwell. I was getting headaches very often, I was having difficulty to keep my focus, my meditation routine was rarely successful, I was stressed for no reason, and I was out of energy and out of inspiration. All of these, put together caused me to worry some more. And so, I asked from the angels to help me understand what was going on. Why was I feeling this way? I asked them to guide me to understand and to make the necessary changes to feel better once again. And then, the did. They send me signs but this time I listened. I knew through my own intuition that the problem behind what I was feeling was my food. I needed a change and I needed it a.s.a.p.

            Yes, I am spiritual and so are you. I can communicate with spirit and so can you. My eating habits have not been a problem for me before. My meditation was thriving, my spiritual connection was very established and connected, so what changed now?

In the beginning of the summer I remember me asking the angels and my spiritual team, to guide me to open up more spiritually. I asked them to help me be even more connected to spirit, to be more confident about my channeling and to receive clearer guidance from them. This was my intention for the summer but I have missed all their signs. As a result the effects from food drastically increased that caused me to pay more attention. As they tried to tell me of the changes, to show me what needs to be done, I was too consumed into my own thoughts and yes, I admit fear of all those changes needed to be made. So I ignored them; until the effects from what I was eating begun to affect me. I am sure none of these effects came randomly. I admit I feel ready to go through these changes and intuitively I knew it was time. But where do I begin?

I was not a vegetarian, yet alone vegan, how can I go through all these changes all of a sudden? What am I going to eat? Do I have to cut down in all the things I love to eat? Those were and still are, some of my questions and dreads. I knew I was ready for it, but I still needed the guidance and the “push” to help me find the right meals and nutrition’s. So I did what I knew best. I asked the angels. They want to help me go through these changes, and they want to do so in a way that will help me progress and not scare away. For this they listed a few of the foods that I must exclude from my diet.

  • Sugar was the very first item to go off my dietary list; Sugar in all its forms, liquid or dry, white or brown. As the Angels explained, sugar has the effect of feeling “out of focus”. As they showed in clairvoyantly, I saw sugar as a mist that clouded my path and connection. I not only had to reduce intake, I had to remove it altogether. Sugar substitutes are out of the question as well, since they hold chemicals and toxins. A good replacement that I hold onto is honey. I recently decided to try coconut sugar as well.


  • Meat was a component I knew I had to give up long ago. However I reduced it to poultry yet didn’t cut it down completely. This time I knew I had to and surprisingly it was the easiest thing on the list to remove. I suddenly developed disgust towards any forms of meat that made me to keep away from it easily. Every time I tried to consume it, I was feeling drained and bloated afterwards. Also I received difficulty to breath symptom and heaviness on the chest. As the angels helped me to understand it, I was receiving the fear, angst and pain that the animal had suffered right before it passed. All that energy was still dominant in the meat that I was consuming, causing me to feel very unwell.


  • Fortunately after few experiments I noticed that eating 1-2 pieces of cheese did not bring me big unwelcome side effects, however the Angels did warn me to stay away from it. As they explained cheese is processed, and they add an ingredient that causes it to become solid. This causes cheese to be difficult to digest, while energetically it drains our energy and makes it challenging to connect with spirit. Fortunately they did not ask me to cut down on milk quite yet because it is in more “natural state” than cheese. Same with yogurt, but we have to be careful to purchase the most organic ones we find so that we don’t consume unnecessary toxins.


  • Progressed fat has a negative effect in our spiritual connection as it links us down in our physical bodies, making it impossible to connect with spirit. Stress might even result from consuming any sort of fat as those become stuck in our solar plexus energetically. When I say fat, I mean any sort of fat that is added in food or dessert. This includes butter, fresh cream, heavy cream, oils.


  • Heavily processed foods. Any sort of food that has a big label, has been through a big process to either add or extract basic elements from the product causing it to be unhealthy. Basically if the label of the product you are thinking of buying has a lot of ingredients that you don’t know or can’t pronounce, it is heavily processed and thus unhealthy. Try to buy organic products that are in their purer form possible. This way, you won’t add unnecessary toxins and chemicals in your diet. The more processed a product is, the more it will affect your health and spiritual ability. This also includes fruit and vegetables. They might not have an ingredient list, but if they have a label, then they have been added some chemicals. For this, prefer your closest farmer’s market than the supermarket for buying fresh produce.


  • Alcohol and caffeine. The energy of those products stay within your aura for up to 2 days after your intake. They cause disorientation, unbalance and “drain” feeling.
  • Bread or generally wheat. This is the hardest one to replace. I’m still on a search to substitute it. After my initial testing however, I realized that eating a slice of whole grain brown bread caused me to feel stressed. It is difficult to digest and as it drains us from fluids; it also drains us of energy. Limit its usage. Surprisingly a bit of flour in my dessert did not cause me any effects. I’m still experimenting with it though.


And so, here you have it. My first list as the angels suggested, to help me ad hopefully you, to detox, clean our diet and be healthier and more spiritually connected. What do you say, shall we detox together?


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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