Angel companions and protectors

Angel companions and protectors

This is a direct Angel Narration:

“Many of you ask and wonder about the unseen protectors that exist upon your physical lifetime. You might not be able to see who they are and how they protect you so you lose faith and hope. In difficult times when you know you are not alone, you reach out to the heaven with ease and extra strength and courage is given to you. if however you feel alone and with no faith, the road and the lessons of each physical life might seem dark and fearful. With these messages today we want to illuminate your path and recharge your faith so that you never feel alone again.

The divine protectors that each one of you has change according to the age and the needs that experience. For a newborn child, there is a team nurturing beings that take over the growth and safety of a child. Their task is to make sure the child is brought into a healthy physical body and that it grows as it should. From fetus to birth, the job of the “nurture angels” is help the soul align with the body and personality of the child. Many of those angels continue to oversee the growth progress of a child up to the age of 4, right before memory begins. They often speak to the child, soothe it, accompany it in dreams and are extreme protectors of it for any unwelcomed negative energies.  You might call them the “spirit caretakers”.

As the child grows, specific attention is given to: imagination and childlike play, as well as knowledge that will be necessary for the child once they grow up. for this a special team of “elder” beings and “gnomes” is assigned to help with it.

Many times especially while in childhood, specific triggers are given to help the child make the right choices, and find the right path that is needed for the soul’s growth. For this many angels show up and direct that information that is locked in the subconscious.

For those reading us right now, you might have remembered one of such occasion that took place while you were young that directed the course of your current life. This might be a book, a toy, a person, something someone said and so on. Those triggers do exist and they are never random but divinely directed.

As you grow up the experiences and challenges change. At each time, you have your very own “guardian angels” and “spiritual team” that oversee your path but also plentiful other angels that show up to help you on each specific occasion. Those are often brought into your path either by your spirit guides who know you might need assistance, or through your own prayer.

The power of prayer or a simple invocation is very strong that if you knew how many divine beings respond to it, you will never feel alone again.

The spiritual realm is filled with divine beings such as angels and guides and elements that want to help you experience bliss and divine love. If you pray to god, then god directs the right spirits to you to help you with whatever you want help with.

At this time, looking over some of you just briefly, we see those who pray often, and around 10 -15 of us overseeing you, and those who don’t pray that often, we see at least 5 of us connected to you, but waiting for your allowance to give you some assistance. As you allow us to help, we swoop in your etheric field, we guide you through your intuition, we help you get to the right people, events and ideas to help you get the desired result or even directly move obstacles out of your path.

So dearest friends, next time you feel alone, call for us and we will fill your life with our love and give you our loving assistance. Those who call for us more might even experience our signals and energy once we arrive. The more aligned you are and the more faith you hold, the more divine light and love you can experience directly.

Don’t hesitate to call for us over and over as we want to help you, and we want you to be happy and blissful.

For those who have asked for a divine sign, consider these words to be your response. We are here, we are listening we are speaking to you directly. You might not see us, but we speak to you anyway.

Never feel alone again dearest one. We are with you.”

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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which "Truth of all that is" is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.
Amelia currently accepts private readings, that share the wisdom of the angels with you. You can visit the STORE on the main menu, and then choose ANGEL READINGS.
Amelia Bert

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