You have the power within – channeling

You have the power within – channeling

I invited an angel to give you a message today. I asked them to tell us something useful, something that it will help us. They know just the right lesson to give at the right time we need it. I hope their messages helps you today.

“As you stand there in your physical body; you sometimes forget the reason why I’ve been brought here on Earth. As you grow, as you allow yourself to remember, you realize that you are never lost. Every thought that you made any action that you take that comes without thought, that is done without a fear, comes from your natural Self.

Thoughts cloud your judgement and prevent you from following your true destiny. So many of you find it hard to find your paths. It is not because you are not guided, but because you find it hard to pause. New ideas come from inspiration, from inward impulse. Fear, judgement and worry cloud those impulses and block your uniqueness. To be free, to be on the path to your Destiny, to be one with peace and joy, all you have to do is Pause. To do this you must learn to be a child once again. Be free, follow your impulses, find the time to do things you love, to be with those you love, to forgive, to pad yourself on the back, to not allow any arguments to ruin your day. Remember to say “I love you” to those you love, admire the beauty that is all around, remember to smile often, be kind, remember to live with no regrets because this life is unlike any other life. It is A New Beginning, A new chance to make things right, to learn, to expand, to grow, to find the Real you.

Most of you look for answers outside of yourself. why ? You have all the answers within, if only you would pause often, you would know them. Follow your heart, trust and enjoy the journey. whenever you feel lost stop and be quiet, seek some peace and Serenity so that the answers will flow and the next step is revealed. Trust so that the journey will unfold. Whenever you are at a Loss, whenever you feel fear, relax and smile. Tell yourself that soon you will know what to do. Sometimes it is ok to feel lost because when you are found the victory is so much more sweeter. We’re here to tell you not to worry, every pathway has a story to tell, have patience to unravel it. we believe in you. You have the power within.

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