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Why talking to yourself is a good thing

How many times did you begin to talk to yourself but stopped halfway ashamed? Perhaps people have argued that when you speak to yourself, you are going crazy. I am here to tell you, that it is the exact opposite,

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The Power of walking barefoot

WALKING BAREFOOT I was guided to write this blog post. The truth is, as we expand into higher consciousness our beliefs and habits change. We are guided to more healthy options, to high vibrational activities and choices that will benefit

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What you didn’t know about prayer

In whatever religion you might grew up with, they taught you to pray. You always knew that prayer was good for you, but you never really put an effort on it. Perhaps when you pray, you are often passively repeating

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The powerful tool of imagination

All you see is energy. The molecules in your body are made of energy, the objects that you touch first were only energy. The words that you speak, the ideas that you think of, all exist and were created due

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