What you didn’t know about prayer

In whatever religion you might grew up with, they taught you to pray. You always knew that prayer was good for you, but you never really put an effort on it. Perhaps when you pray, you are often passively repeating a prayer you know without giving too much attention. I’m writing this post now to help you grasp the power of prayer in all its glory.

HOW to pray

  • To receive the best advantages of prayer you have to be mindful, in the moment and to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. This is also the key to a successful meditation.
  • Whoever you are praying to, make sure that you call for the “real” or “divine” source to hear and respond to your prayers. I suggest you give your prayers directly to God when possible. God or Source, knows exactly what you need and will send you the best help. For instance if you need healing, you don’t need to pray to Archangel Raphael, but God will know which way can benefit you. There are many other spiritual healers that can assist you at any time. Don’t limit your options.
  • Be open to any kind of assistance that you might receive, in any form and way. Your prayers might be responded to with an event, a solution, idea or a person that is found on your way.
  • Don’t hesitate to pray as many times as you want. Don’t think that you are bothering anyone as that cannot be. Pray as many times as you feel like it.
  • When you finish a prayer pay attention to your thoughts, emotions and ideas, as prayers often are responded to pretty fast, even immediately. you might receive insight through your thoughts, you might even get a dreams the same night, pay attention.
  • You don’t need to say specific words or fancy vocabulary when you pray. Source hears you and accepts what you are saying, even if they are common words or even slang. As long as you are mindful when you pray, your messages are always understood.
  • God or source, the angels, or saints, are never busy to respond to your prayers. It’s not like a phone call that is taking them time to respond to and takes time out of other things! Prayer takes 0 time for them, as time does not exist in spirit!


  • It is a Stress reliever: with prayer, you share your pain, your worries and so the burden you might feel seems lighter. Remember to give God your pain, or worry so that the stress is lifted from you.
  • You don’t feel alone. When you pray, it’s like chatting with a friend. Its okay if you ramble a little, remember that you always have a friend to have your back. You are never alone as in spirit you are abundant with many forms of love. You have spirit guides, angels and archangels that are close to you at all times. It’s time to acknowledge them and speak to them.
  • It is Your very own genie in the bottle. You are abundant, and unlimited and resourceful. God sends you what you ask for as long as it is for your highest good. So even if you ask for a bit of extra money to buy a present to your kids, God hears you and knows your selfless desire, so they will be met in mind.
  • Faith makes us be more connected to source, to our true self and thus to our own light. By praying to source, we are happier, we receive more inspiration from our higher self, we expand faster.
  • Prayer distinguishes us from ego. When you pray, you recognize the creator; you recognize a power that exists outside of all that you are. To pray you accept that you are not alone, but praise and love a power that is all around you. ego only sees the self, prayer is an ego-less act that helps us grow in spirit.
  • You Release judgment. A true prayer must occur while being mindful, with a kind heart and not a mind full of judgment or hate. When you do this, you become purer, happier, and closer to source, closer to love.
  • You Are appreciative. A prayer is not about asking, it is about accepting and being thankful for all that you already have. Don’t pray only to ask for favors, but praise the favors that you have received. As you recognize what you have, you feel more abundant and happy. You feel loved as you notice the so many prayers that God has responded to.
  • When you share your pain, you feel release. The pain becomes smaller. Pray as many times as you want until the pain has vanished.
  • You Feel loved. At the time of prayer, it’s only you and God or anyone else you are praying to. They hear you, they accept you, they know you, they love you, and they appreciate you. As you pray pause and feel their love showing you.
  • You make your life a little better, because when you pray, you always ask for something better. As your prayers are heard and responded to, you evolve faster, you become better.
  • You have a Better day and night. Pray in the morning and late at night. Ask God to protect you, to help you with another great day. To bring you health and happiness. As you do, so it will be. As it becomes, your life magically shifts for the better. It’s like you make your day from early in the morning.
  • You Bless your food. Pray before your meals. As you do, you are thankful for what you eat, so it becomes purer. You infuse your food with divine energy and so it’s better for your body and spirit.
  • You Let go of fear. As you pray, you pray against fear. So what dark feeling becomes lifted and replaced with light.
  • You are protected. You invite divine light to join your life, to help you, guide you and protect you. And so the light of God is with you to make everything brighter.
  • You are inspired and creative. With prayer, you invite divine light to be with you. This light opens connection between your physical and spiritual self, guiding you to be on the right path, infusing you with inspiration and creativity.
  • You surround yourself with Divine friends. true light surrounds you, angels, ascended masters, archangels and spirit guides help you at any time, speed up your progress and most of all help you overcome fears and doubt. As light surrounds you, there is no space for darker energy, for fearful emotions. You are divinely supported.
  • You are supported and accepted. God and true light never judges you, never makes fun of you neither discourages you.
  • You know that All is well. After a prayer, you truly feel like all is going to be okay. And truth be told. It really will be. You get the confirmation from within.
  • You are happier. The more you pray, the more you receive all the above blessings and so your life is truly transformed.


This is the best tip i can give you. Do it because you want to. It helps to place your hand on your heart, as this keeps your centered in your heart center and keeps your mind from racing with thought.

Share your experiences. How are your prayers answered?



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Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
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