Why talking to yourself is a good thing

How many times did you begin to talk to yourself but stopped halfway ashamed? Perhaps people have argued that when you speak to yourself, you are going crazy. I am here to tell you, that it is the exact opposite, it in fact, brings you sanity. Taking to yourself is not only healthy but helps to advance your being.

Think about this for a second, can speaking to yourself be a good thing? Didn’t you talk to yourself all the time when you were a child? If you have children, don’t you listen to them talk alone constantly? If so, can this be a sign of growth, reveal of identity, advancement?

First thing first, to fully understand the benefits of talking to yourself, you have to understand the way thoughts are formed. When you understand the purpose behind thought, you can appreciate those moments of inner reflection.

why you can’t meditate

There is so much power in moments of stillness; those moments when your mind is perfectly still, aware. It helps to connect you with mind, body, and spirit, it elevates your energy, in deeper ways, it even connects you with other realms. Meditation arises in part of this stillness, and millions of people are striving to silence the thought to achieve that inner quiet.

The stillness truly comes, not when you remove the thought, but when you welcome it, when you allow it, when you listen to it.

Benefits of thought

Your consciousness is a gift, not to run away from, not to silence, but to become familiar with. Through consciousness, you become more aware, more alert, and mindful, you learn the wisdom of the psyche. You are not only mind, you are spirit, you are body. Your thoughts alert you of all those parts so that you become more aware, so that you allow the three parts to align. When one is more attuned than the other, then this is when the thoughts become muddled, when certain thoughts prevail over others, when you become confused and become lost in thought. Those thoughts seek a way out of the confusion, out of the disharmony, and the easy way out is through your awareness, through your attention, through your tuning into to those thoughts, so that you can release them. When you achieve this, then and only then you are ready to still the mind, because it will no longer be blocked by thoughts that you are ignoring. When you finally listen to your thoughts, without judgment, but with acceptance, you stop them.

How to stop thought

The process of listening to a thought comes naturally when you pay attention to what you are thinking. The moments when thought shows up to your awareness is when you are not occupied with other things and you relax the mind. This can occur through an activity, right before drifting off to sleep, or while you are trying to meditate. When the mind is clear from constant chatter, then thoughts begin to form, that require your attention. Those thoughts might be unimportant, they may recall a memory, set a reminder, receive an intuitive message, inspiration, or clear unwanted energy from within. When you are in the process of receiving a thought of any kind, the key to a successful release is your attention. Give attention to it, yet don’t ponder on it or judge it, unless it is something important or positive. Take a note of it, but then, let it go. Pondering on a thought over and over takes you out of alignment with your mind, body, and spirit because you live in the mind. Thoughts are not there to bring you constant chatter, but to remind you, alert you, assist you.

FEARFUL thought

Many times thoughts bring out fears that require your attention. How can one process through fear if they don’t know it exists? When you notice that thought brings rises negative emotions within, don’t resist it, don’t ignore it, but pay attention. That is an important thought regardless of the negative emotion it arises. Those thoughts need to become known so that they are released. When you receive such a thought ask it: where does this thought come from? What is it hear to teach me? Then listen to what comes next through your stillness. When ready say: I release this. And imagine it flowing out of your mind and into the ether.
Similarly, when a positive thought arises, pay attention. It may convey your next path, your goal, a lesson.

There is a reason those negative thoughts exist within you, listen to them with no fear, and then replace them with positive ones.

If for instance, you have a fear of getting hit by lightning, recognize the fear without trying to shove the thought back in to where it came from. Then accept that you have that fear. It is not bad to have fears; it is part of what makes you human.

Recognize that you are in control of your thoughts, and based on the power of your attention, choose  what you want to manifest instead. I.e: I choose to live, a long happy and healthy life. This is your new belief; your choice (based on free will) and your attention helps you to manifest just that. This way you learn to no longer fear the thought, because you are the CREATOR of it, and not the thought itself. Since you are a spirit in human form, you still have the power of spirit to create, to form matter out of your own choice and attention.

Did you know that 99% fears don’t come true because they are too active in our consciousness?
When you are too busy to notice your thoughts then they live on within you, adding one after the other. The busier you are for your thoughts, the more they pile up, and the more you will have to process when you relax the mind. For that allow some time to notice them, to welcome them in, just to listen, not to ponder upon them, but release them through simple awareness.

This brings me to the second part: the benefits of talking to yourself as a very powerful process to help you release thought.

Benefits of talking to yourself

1. It clears your mind and helps you see the bigger perspective. Many times the words of others spin around in your mind and affect your decision making. You often can’t distinguish what you really want, and what direction to take. By speaking out loud, you are able to clear the inner chatter, and get into your own perspective, and your desires. It is a way to clear the mind and finally get to a decision.

2. It brings inner wisdom. Your higher self is always connected with you and brings you guidance through your consciousness. Those messages then, are portrayed through thoughts. Paying attention to thoughts is receiving wisdom from your higher self. Your higher self is connected to your spirit guides, angels and to Source. A thought that might come randomly, might bring you answers to what you are searching for. A means to let that thought out, is through talking to yourself. as you speak out the wisdom you perceive through your awareness, then in many times you will speak out aid from the ether. If you master this, you might even get to channel the angels, like I am! For an explanation about what i do, and how i channel read this [button link=”https://ameliabert.com/science-power-angel-reading/” newtab=”on”]article[/button]

3. Creativity strikes when you allow yourself to speak up. Be yourself, let your ideas out, soon you will be having those “aha” moments  one right after the other, only because you finally spoke up.

4. Thoughts release stuck energy from within. As mentioned earlier, when you finally recognize the thought, you are able to release it.

5. It reveals aspects about yourself. As you talk to yourself, you are not only a speaker but also a listener. You are able to listen to your ideas out loud, your views and perspectives, you get to know who you really are. On that degree, you no longer hide from yourself but come to love you, just the way you are.

6. Inner fears come out to the surface to be processed. The more you listen to your thoughts; you will come to notice aspects you didn’t know existed. There is no purpose in hiding negative thoughts or trying to replace them with positive ones.

7. You finally recognize that you are not alone. You stop fearing the silence and the loneliness because you have a new best friend that will always be with you; yourself.

Next time you are alone, ask yourself: “what thought has been on my mind lately?” and let the words to be heard. Do no longer hesitate to talk to yourself as it advances you as a person, helps you clear negativity and connects you with inner wisdom. Do not deny yourself the freedom of expressing your thoughts, even if you are all alone, there is always someone who is listening.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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