Feeling sick when visiting hospitals?

Are you getting sick when visiting the hospital, and suddenly you are all better the moment you step out? Do you dread each moment you are visiting a hospital, or can’t wait the moment to leave, without knowing why?

You are not alone!



As an angel intuitive I have recently found myself getting more and more affected by the energies that are all around. However it is always a negative experience when I have to visit overcrowded places with people and worst, spirits.

So far the usual protection prayers, or “imagine light” routine work for crowded places, imagine my surprise and oh, the awful experience when I visited a hospital that was over 45 years old. And, not just any hospital, active during the war. (Europe)

Here’s the quick gist of it. I was prepared with a programmed tourmaline in my pocket, archangel Michael armed next to my side, and I bravely walked in the old hospital. As soon as I entered however, I immediately felt the air being much “heavier”. As I walked in deeper in the hospital, I found it difficult to breathe, I felt the atmosphere heavier and it immediately drained of energy. As I passed through the rooms and nurses and patients, I felt sick. My intuition was telling me “go, leave now, get out of this place.” As I stood next to the relative on the hospital bed, (turned out to be nothing serious, my husband’s grandma was out of there 2 days after that visit), I felt the tourmaline in my pocket vibrate fast. Imagine holding a small machine and you turn it on, as you hold it, you feel it moving and working. In a similar way, my tourmaline was working, better say overworking itself.

The more I stood there, in the room, the more I felt pressure and a headache.

Many of you would ask, “But how and why? You had Archangel Michael by your side, You were protected.” True but Archangel Michael was protecting me against negative spirits becoming attached to me, against negative energies connecting with me. Imagine poking a balloon. The air in the balloon is your energy; the balloon material (latex, rubber) is your protection. If someone pokes at the balloon, the energy will “shake”, even if nothing can penetrate it eventually, due to the strong protection, you do feel the “violent shake”.

To my dismay, I had to use the restroom, since it was an hour drive from and to the hospital. Squeezing that tourmaline in my pocket, armed with courage and determination I passed by dark hallways to get to it. I could see through my clairvoyance the abundance of spirits just passing through that dark hallway. As I passed I felt panic, emotions of fear and sadness, despair and dizziness. I found myself praying all the way from and to that hallway.

The whole experience didn’t last over 20 minutes. As long as I exited the hospital, I could breathe again! The air was much lighter, all those negative symptoms were gone, I did have a headache 2 hours after that visit, but thanks to my protections, nothing became attached to me, or harmed me.

The more intuitive you are the more displeasure you will notice as you enter such old buildings, especially those with confused spirits and negative energies.

Here are some of the reasons the energy of that hospital was so unpleasant:

  • As this is a hospital, it is filled with people who are unwell. The sadness, despair and fear they feel becomes impeded in the atmosphere daily, and attached in the walls.
  • All the people who visit know one thing: they will visit sick people, the idea of hospital that is associated with sickness and death, is yet another fact that marks the energy of hospitals so heavy and unpleasant.
  • Let’s face it, in hospitals people die, others grieve. Imagine the low vibrations.
  • Hospitals are just as known to find spirits as it is a graveyard. Those who die and are confused, and lost. They don’t see any other place to be rather than the place they stayed in last.  This doesn’t mean that those souls are trapped or dark. On the contrary, they are confused and want help moving on. So, they do sense empath and try to grab their attention so that they help them move on, or pass on messages. Many often, if they sense you are open to energies, they can become attached to you, follow you around until you help them. Don’t worry, you can always say no to them, or ask them to go away and they will. It’s always nothing than a quick prayer won’t fix.


Here are some ways to help you be as protected as you can be from visiting a hospital. You can implement one, two or more of these but it by far from a completed list. There are many more others ways to protect yourself. Feel free to experiment.

These are an extract from the book : [button link=”https://ameliabert.com/product/the-guidebook-to-your-inner-power/” newtab=”on”]Guidance to your inner power[/button]

Ways for protection:

  1. White light protection: Close your eyes and with your intention or words, invite white light to join you for protection. With your mind’s eye then, imagine white light surrounding your body. Your intention does the rest.
  2. Invoking Angel protection. Who is better for shielding than Archangel Michael?

Silently pray: “Archangel Michael of the light, I call upon you to embrace me with your Divine Light and shield me against any negative energies, negative thoughts, negative spirits and negative people. Thank you, and so it is.”

For this prayer, make sure that you apprehend each word as your attention is required for the Archangel Michael to understand what you need. Imagine the light of Archangel Michael joining you.

  1. Your energy is your greatest or worst ally. If you achieve high energy then you create a very powerful tool for protection.

As you are positive and you have high energy, you are surrounded by people, events and energies that match that positive frequency. In the instances that you are in sync with your own divinity, the energy that flows through you is so powerful that no lower energy can touch nor affect you.

When your own energy is raised, your own intention is more than enough to be protected. For ways to raise your vibration, read next chapter.

  1. Wear a special Stone. Crystals or gemstones come from earth, for this they hold special energy. Wearing a special crystal locket will help to protect you against low energy attacks. Remember to program them first, to block out unwanted energies and links.

There are various stones known for protection, such as the black tourmaline, amber, quartz, amethyst and many more. As stones are unique, they can be assigned the role of protection, even if they are not any of those mentioned above.

  1. Call Spirit guides for protection. Your spiritual team is there to help you out. Assign them to shield you continuously against any psychic attacks or low energies. They will know what to do.
  2. Set an intention. Before you enter the hospital, intend that nothing will connect with you.

I declare that during my visit I will be unharmed by all and any negative energies and spirits. No spirits or energies will attach themselves to me, my energy will remain intact. In the name of the father, son and the holy spirit. And so it is.”

  1. Prayer. If at any time you feel scared or sick pray any favorite prayer. The common “Our Father in heaven” will do perfectly. This works because a prayer raises your vibration. (I will write another blog about why this happens soon.)

For some any of these will work just fine and block out all unwelcomed experiences, for others (like myself) you might feel the “shake”. Don’t worry as soon as you step out of that place you will feel better.

Always remember to ground, re-center and drink plenty of water when you return home. Remember that your energy was in a bit of a turmoil and it needs care.




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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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