Endings and Beginnings: April Angel Forecast

April is a powerful month. It is a month of endings and beginnings. Powerful clearing of patterns take place, that shift us from the old way of being, thinking and reacting. The past flashes before your eyes, but it does no longer define you, it rather shifts you towards the greater version of yourself.

Ascension and clearing

We bring you information directly from source. In The month of April, you might feel like you are challenged, as you are asked to release patterns that you hold onto within. It is not easy to clear what you believed for so long. It became a part of you, how you used to think, observe and react. The vibration of those beliefs and programs are active within you, making it difficult to shift, to let go, to re-align. Here’s what we mean:

 When a person thinks that money is hard to find, they go on building thoughts, taking actions and making decisions according to that. When those beliefs that defined your life come to be cleared, then all your reactions, the way of thinking and decision making are forced to find a new way of manifesting. Unfortunately many are so used to the old ways, that even if the clearing occurs, they re-create same or similar experiences, take similar actions and observe similar situations causing them to re-establish those false ideas.

What April tries to do, is to undergo deep clearing to help you shift these patterns once and for all. There is no more waiting for things to change, but rather you are asked to take action. This April you notice all those patterns that you hold within but are no longer serving you; so that you can actively participate in their release. The message of this coming month is loud and clear: The past is no longer, and you are asked to shed it.

Ascension and reprogramming

Along with the intense clearing energy that already begun to occur, you go through a deep re-programming of beliefs, reactions, responses, and way of thinking to help you stabilize new energy around what you are clearing. You are re-aligning to obtain new patterns in thought, new reactions, achieve new realizations that will help you replace the old beliefs with ones that are beneficial for you.

For some, this re-alignment might occur through intuition, while for others through certain life events that take place. All in all, the purpose of this April energy is to clear your old patterns but also grant you new, beneficial ones.

So reinforcing the previous example of the belief that: Money is hard to find, they install new belief: abundance of all flows to me freely and openly. As you come to observe this new way of thinking, you are finally able to let go of the old patterns that were holding you back, and program your attention to notice how the new belief is valid within and all around. As you notice and add to the new belief; then more of it shows up to help you shift more thoughts and your life.

Consequently, assuming you are no longer resistant to the change, by the end of April most of the old patterns would have been replaced. How wonderful is that?

Ascension and nature

Nature will undergo a great shift as well during this month. You will notice new phenomena occur such as New species rise, what use to be dying, suddenly becomes healed (plants and animals), and the animals and in particular those who are closer to nature (wild) embrace new behaviors. Don’t be surprised to notice how animals behave differently as they are welcoming new energies in their bodies, the same as you.

Ascension transmissions

April might seem intense for some, but only because the energy transmissions that join you are bigger in impact. Think of it like a radio volume turned up a notch. This occurs to balance out any inferences, and resistance to the shift. As a result, people who were resistant to the change, finally begin to shift. Older people now join in the ascension process, even if they are not aware of it. Those who began the ascension process a while ago, now act as way showers for others who seem to have lost their way. Indeed you are one of them, show love to those who are resistant to the change, give kindness, share your light and insight to those who need it the most. This month aligns you with those who need your help so that you can grant them access to your enlightenment, so that they are less afraid.

Children and ascension

Children sense the shift also. Newborns might cry more intensively not because they are afraid, but because they need soothing support. More and more people rush to the ER wondering why they feel so different, afraid of the worse, yet none is ill. They begin to shift as well, to take part in this great ascension process.

Ascension and past

The past is clearing dearest ones, and along with it, old timelines, and patterns, karmic events. Old wounds are healing, as the past is no longer responsible for your actions and thoughts. The phenomenon: life flashes before your eyes, takes place this month. What we mean is that Memories from your childhood and of the past come to your conscious to send you a realization before they are cleared. You don’t need them anymore. Experiences you had as a child come as revelations to help you choose the right lessons and path in the present. Nothing was random you see, and now it’s the time to benefit from all of those experiences, and not sidetrack from them. The past is clearing indeed and along with it, old patterns, your old way of reacting and thinking.

You are becoming anew. April is a month of endings and beginnings. Cycles are closing, patterns cease to repeat, thought forms change and programming is being replaced. Welcome April with open arms and set the intention now:

This month will be very beneficial and positive for me and my path. And so it is.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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