Channeled message from Archangel Raziel – Allow your desires

Channeled message from Archangel Raziel – Allow your desires

This is a channeled message from Archangel Raziel:

“You have captured this wrong notion that your wishes or desires need to put be added attention regularly. This is not beneficial. Yes, they need to be clarified once created but not added momentum over and over as that is keeping the momentum from flowing.

If you formulate an idea and then add attention/momentum to it, it grows. Then if you attend to it over and over it stays grounded. You do not allow it to move from that place of creation into the place of materialization. You keep poking and adding to it and so you keep it in stage one. If you only accept it as done, be satisfied with whatever you have formulated and stop adding, stop insisting, stop trying, because like this you never allow it to move, you keep it in stage one.

Stage two is allowing the desire to move. If you keep attending to it, you keep calling it back to stage one and on and on it goes. If you are satisfied with whatever you have created with your attention, then let it go. Simply stop attending to it. Do not over think it, know it as DONE and stop harassing it! Does a painter keep working on a project if it is completed? No, he sees it as completed and moves on to the next one. This is you, you are the painter, if you keep attending to it, the painting will never be completed. Also, stop contradicting it. If you let it go and move on but you are yet to believe it is completed and act against it, then you prevent it from entering your experience. Don’t deny it. Ask, formulate the details ( not the how or when) until you are satisfied then let go onto the next project, have fun and on its way it will be. Do not over-stress, or worry, know it is alright and it is underway.”

So is visualization and affirmation wrong to do?

“They are advisable techniques not to add momentum to your desire but to limit the gap of you noticing it is not here. They are successful in bringing you to accept it is completed as you welcome them in your present moment. You are trying too hard everyday to bring yourself in that state so you keep it from arriving but you working on it keeps it incomplete. It is time to accept it as done and let it go. It is better not to attend to it again than working to make it happen in any way. If it was here would you keep visualizing and affirming and trying too hard? No, because you will know it is done. It is indeed done and formulated; so what’s next?

If you see it as done, then so it will be. if you keep trying to allow it or make it happen you are keeping it from doing so with your effort. Enough! You have formulated it and that was enough. There is nothing else for you to do. See it as DONE and so it is.

We love you so much!”

Channeled by Amelia Bert

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