Earth is shifting, we are rising

This is a channeling from Lighted beings, for the energy shifts that earth undergoes. What do they mean? How are we affected? How can we cope with them?

“What you are experiencing is cosmic shift, an elevation if you prefer of all energies that co-existed together. Everything is energy, and energy rises and shifts and changes. What you have been feeling, that goes on during this month and the next, is an elevation of higher energies that open new possibilities for you. What this shift is trying to do is bring you closer to the light, it is to uplift you, it is to remind you of your purpose and your inner truth.

As you have light and energy within, this too uplifts and shifts and changes. It tries to “wake you up” from what is not working to help you acknowledge the changes needed to be made to move towards your higher path, to fulfill your souls’ purpose, to uplift, to rejoice, to surround yourself with light. And as this cosmic energy shifts occur, as your energy is awakened towards the light, you get insights, you nudges you get glimpses and ideas of what needs to be done to help you shift your life for the better. For many of you this shift, this nudge might come as a surprise, you might experience a need to do something but having your mind set in thoughts you feel confused, unaware of what that is. You might experience changes happening in your life, people leaving, new opportunities rising, old problems or situations that had no purpose finally disappear. This is because they don’t resonate with your new profound lighted energy and purpose. For others of you, you might get confirmations for things that need to be done, or changed. You receive nudges in the form of repetitive ideas that form in your mind over and over, or words others speak to you that seem to have similar focus. You know there is a change for you, to be able to get into this shift, you have to remove the old, and you have to embrace the new.

Another form of shift of energy is thoughts and fears, negativity and dense energy rising up and you find yourself experiencing confusion, shifts of energies that rage from high to low and on again. Do not get alarmed dear one, similar to shifts happening outside of you, in your own life, shifts are happening inwards as well. Beliefs that you didn’t know you had risen up to become acknowledged, fears rise in your consciousness because they no longer resonate with your light and energetic frequency. They are rising up because there is nothing there to hold them any longer. Think of a water stream, when old heavy objects lie in the bottom of it, small amount of water in the stream does not have the energy, the strength to lift them, but when the water rises, the strength increases and the heavy objects finally rise from the bottom and come up to the surface because the water has increased. The water is your light and the heavy objects are the limitations and blockages that no longer serve. Yes, they do come to the surface, yes now you acknowledge them for what they are but you have the energy and strength to let them go. Let them go indeed, the process is too easy. Only a choice needs to be make, a conscious affirmation of the old to be released and on their way they will be, risen and removed from your experience.

The process to return to the light and love and your own vibrant strength lies in your willingness to let go of what is not working and to consciously affirm of what it is that you want. Affirm yourself back to love, back to your light and strength anytime you feel those old dense energies rise and know that all is well.

Because all is well indeed. We are very blesses and euphoric with this wonderful shifts that occur. If you could see the light and energy of earth the way we see it from an energetic sphere you will know the increased energy that surrounds the earth at this time. the light and love that joins the frequency of earth is so intense and powerful that lights the colors of its aura. Indeed, you are shifting, indeed you are moving towards higher frequencies and closer to your true path and reason for existence. You find your path, your life receives purpose and shifts that it needs to rise, and your own light increases. What more beautiful news exist than that? You are rising and you are coming closer to our own energy of love and peace, now you can indeed feel our light more as it illuminates your heart. Now you can more easily tune into your own light by breathing in and focusing in your heart. And so, like this your light is restored at any time.

For those who are confused about the changes that need to be done to rise, don’t be. Simply quiet your mind and go inwards, ask for you need help with and the answers will be clearer. Know you have increased energy, now you are able to shift more easily, and experience divine love and inner peace like never before.


And so, as these shifts occur they will last for a while longer 2 more months, a couple of more weeks until the energy of this light is enough to sustain you to love and light. During this time remember to tune into your own love and light and know that all is well, because all truly is.


We love you unconditionally.”


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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