HOW TO CREATE ALL THAT YOU WANT – Manifest your desires

How would you feel if I told you that all those desires you’ve been having, you have the power to make them real? The shifts in energy that occur now help us align with our best and highest possibilities, but also they help us take charge of our power. It’s true, it is all possible now more than ever before, as the power of our mind is supercharged from the energy that surrounds the earth. To understand of this power that you possess and to help you know more about it, read on.

Law of attraction defined

I’m sure you heard of the Law of attraction. Your thoughts manifest into reality. What you think and feel gathers charge and becomes manifested in the physical reality. Let’s back up a bit first. Everything that exists in this world, in the galaxy, in the ether, is energy. You and I were first energy, energy gathers charge from a thought. So this world was first a thought. All you now possess was first a thought that gathered a substantial amount of energy to bring it forward into the physical. All that exists first, exists in the ether, it’s non-substantial, it’s energy.

If you place your hands together right now, with the thought of creating an energy ball, you will instantly feel the pressure of the energy below your hands. This is energy, it moves when attention is given to it. It’s nothing new; it always existed, way before the earth, the dinosaurs, way before the angels even. The whole universe is energy you see, and it is summoned forward with your attention. So, once we are clear on that let’s move on the next bit of information:

 How can you manifest your desires?

Since all that exists is energy that can be summoned forward, this means that you create anything the moment you think of it, right? Yes, this is true. As you think of something you summon forth energy towards that event, situation or object of your focused attention. Now, each matter to exist in the ether and to have enough energy to sustain itself it needs enough charge from attention. You can’t complete a painting unless you finish it right? For the painting to finish you need to a) dedicate your time and attention to it and b) you need to remove all distractions for the painting to be perfect, and complete. Similarly, to create anything you have to 1) be clear about what you want to create, 2) remove all distractions and conflicting thoughts and beliefs and 3) summon forth energy with your thoughts and emotions.

Let’s create something together.


Manifest a car:

1) what do you want exactly? What kind of car? You can’t simply allow the universe to decide because you might get a Lamborghini you can’t afford to keep, or a convertible car even though you live in Alaska! Do you want that? So decide what you want first. Consider why you want it. Be clear, be detailed.

2) You can’t possibly expect to create something, yet when you dedicate time to summon forth its energy, you are thinking “there’s no way I can get a new car right now. How? I don’t even have money to the grocery store.” Let’s stop you right there. You create with your thoughts. It doesn’t matter if this was not supposed to be recorded by the universe, there are no rewinds, no false takes, the universe is always rolling, always recording. So congrats, instead of creating a new car, you summoned forth more ways to not have a good car, plus less money to not go grocery shopping.

Let’s do this one more time the right way. Remove all distractions from your mind. If you are too resistant by believing something is not possible, first you have to remove those thoughts and beliefs. This is because your attention cannot stay focused on the positive things you want to attract without putting energy into the opposite manifestation. You create with your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

So all 3 have to be aligned. If at least one is not aligned, that is your distraction; that is what keeps your manifestations from not charging the right energy, and possibly stall your creation. So here’s what you do.

How to remove conflicting beliefs

Write down all conflicting beliefs, all negative thoughts, all that tell you why that is not possible. Then replace them with something that you do believe or want to believe. On the example of the new car, you scratch off the negative thought, and replace it with: I believe that the universe is truly abundant and can help me manifest all that I want.

So who cares if you can’t afford to buy that new eye cream you wanted let alone a new car? The universe does not care why would you? Do you believe that the universe is abundant? You will be surprised at the synchronicities it creates, the strokes of luck, the plethora of ways that it helps you manifest what you want. That’s right, not just one, but many ways to give you that car.

Me for instance, within half a day, I got free vacations to the Uk all expenses paid. I don’t know how it happened; there was not even a competition or draw involved. Somebody I knew called me, and that was it! 7 days all expenses paid. I didn’t even focus on it. I just knew I wanted to travel by plane this summer. If somebody told me about the how before, I would laugh and say “these things don’t just happen”, well believe you me, THEY DO! Simply ask and allow the universe to work its magic.

So after you removed all limiting beliefs out the way it’s time for no. 3) Pause, breathe, clear your thoughts from chatter. Be commanding. Know that all you think and speak and feel now, the universe records you. When the universe records, (which is constantly); energy is summoned forward, a charge is created. You are a great manifestator. Now it’s your time to create. Think of your mind like a blank canvas. There are no thoughts, but with focus, the canvas becomes filled with images, sensations, feelings of what you want to create. If that’s a car, you don’t need to focus on the color if that is not important to you, simply see yourself sitting in that new car. What do you feel? Experience the car with your senses, touch it, smell it, drive it. How tall is it? What music do you listen to? Who else is with you? How do you feel knowing that your car is parked outside waiting for you? Experience the having of it with your thoughts, your attention, and your feelings. This is the same for any other manifestation, a car, a lover, a child. Feel what it feels in the having of it. You can visualize it, or simply speak it out loud, feel it with your words; it doesn’t matter really, as long as you know it to be true at that moment.

Finish the creation when you feel it is completed. You sense when something has attracted enough energy by how you feel. If you feel super excited, and happy and/or grateful, the creation is complete. Congrats!

So know go about your day and don’t allow yourself to create conflicting thoughts and beliefs. This creates an opposite creation, and then both are charged and exist in the ether. Notice when a conflicting though occurs, and let it go without believing it. Say “no, that thought is not true but this is: (add your desired affirmation).” Repeat that affirmation until the conflicting thoughts don’t bother to show up anymore, they are released, and along with them the conflicting manifestation.

Remember in the beginning I mentioned that this is a very important time to create? This is because the positive charge on planet earth is very great. We are called forward to remove all the conflicting thoughts and create new beneficial ones. This makes it the best time to focus on what you want to create in your life, not just material things but a life’s purpose, health, love for yourself and others. Know you know the trick and how to create ANYTHING. Use this tool to bring happiness and well-being to this planet. If you are reading this now, you are called to create a better life for yourself and others don’t allow conflicting thoughts to keep you from happiness. Let’s co-create a better life for all.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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