How the envy of others affects you

How the envy of others affects you

Growing up I learned to fear the jealousy of others. I associated it with bad things happening to me. I couldn’t explain how or why this was happening, but observing how other’s envy affected my own life caused me to restrict myself, not open up to others and be fearful of what others might think or say. Didn’t it happen to you? You buy new shoes, someone comments on how good they look and the next day you step in the mud? So is it true? Does the envy of others affect us in a negative way?


Envy is a human experience guided by the ego. It’s when you are least divided by your connection with All-that-is, forgetting that what others have does not restrict the resources of the universe, instead everything is openly given to you in many ways, as long as you ask. Envy is denying the flow of the universe to bring you that which you want.


But does the envy of others affect you?

Envy or jealousy creates negative links from others in that in which you have. Those links vibrate in a low frequency and might cause the level of vibration in that area of your life or possession or even relationship to drop and create a negative flow of events to occur with it. Think of it like color paint. You have something which makes you happy, its energy is very pure, high vibrational; it’s almost like the color white. Then someone observes that in which you have from a state of lack, a state of low vibration, they feel envy, instead of being happy with your happiness they think negative thoughts such as “if I can’t have it, why does she?” or “that relationship won’t last”, they lower the energy of that situation or relationship to make themselves feel better. Many people do this consciously or unconsciously. So what happens is, simply by you or your relationships being in their center of attention, they create links with it, which are negative. It’s like dropping black color paint in your white high vibration. What happens is, it drains energy from your positive experiences, to match their negative ones. So what happens is that many times you notice negative events or situations occurring in your life that you have not created. You might get into a fight with your loved one, or step in the mud and destroy your new shoes, and many other series of unfortunate events.


But how do we put a stop to it?

There are many ways to shield and protect you, relationships, affairs and possessions from those negative frequencies of others.

Clearing the links daily is a way to do that. Call for Archangel Michael to clear those links that are not of your highest and greatest good.

The importance of shielding yourself is very important. If you didn’t yet add that in your daily routine, here is a simple meditation/invocation to help you with it. Listen


As you create your daily shields, Ask that you, and what you hold dear, is shielded as well. Inviting Divine light to surround you and your relationships and affairs is a great way to ensure protection from those links. Divine light vibrates in a very high frequency, so much so, that any negative link from others cannot even make contact with the light, let along attach negative links to it. 

 To ensure a successful protection, clear your mind from thought, center yourself and ask divine light to surround you. Divine light has consciousness and can flow whenever your attention sends it. Repeat the process daily to ensure the light is strong and vibrant.

Praying to Divine beings such as Angels is another way to ask for protection. Their divine light follows you during the day, ensuring you don’t absorb any of those negative links from others.

There is no need to fear others in this way again. Soon, clearing those links will clear your whole life from these low vibrational people. With each protection routine, ask that your life is cleared of any people that create negative links to you so that they cannot affect you in a negative way again. Wish them well, but create a “wall” of distance. Avoid adding pictures and successes on social media, as you give them a great opportunity to create negative links with you. Even if you do post something, make sure you shield and protect it first.


The opposite of envy

Now it’s worth mentioning that not all compliments you receive come from a place of low vibrations and ego. Admiration, wishes, blessings, and compliments can come from a place of love. When they do, they create the opposite effect than envy does. They add more vibrant white color in your paint, they add extra light and charge that ensures that more of good things flow into your life. Similarly, being happy for what other people have or have achieved, attracts similar successes and opportunities to you. Being happy for another’s happiness is being in a perfect state of consciousness that sends light in all directions. It is being in alignment with all that you are, all the people around you, as well as with the flow of the universe. You use the forces the universe in your favor. Send love in every corner, be happy for all the achievements of others, for all of the resources others have and know that there is an abundance of opportunities and blessings for you and for all send at any time, in many ways.

The universe loves you. Stay with the light, act with a kindred heart and you are safe, protected and illuminated.



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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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