There are various ideas and techniques on how the law of attraction works, yet many lack important information to make it work. This article is to help you understand the law behind the law of attraction.

HOw wishes come true

You set out an intention by focusing on what it is you want (or not want) to bring into your life. That intention immediately is sent out into the universe to grow, get momentum, perhaps meet other circumstances on your path and with synchronicity and perfect timing, this intention comes back into your experience. Out of a thought that you focus for a limited amount of time (several seconds) an event is created that the cosmos brings back to you.
You emit and transmit thoughts, emotions and frequencies every second of the day. Where you stand now, the people you meet, how your life is in this moment, all have been created by you with your focused attention. You created your past and your present in this way your future. When you are grateful for the things you have in your life already, you transmit abundance and the abundant frequency returns to you.


To create an environment that you truly love all you have to do is pay attention to the thoughts and frequencies you transmit into the universe every second of every day. What you speak, think observe all have frequencies and by focusing your attention to them, you invite them in. If a bill comes instead of thinking “oh no, more money to give away” shift your thinking into “thank you for the services this company provided for me!” I know this is easier said than done but by choosing better feeling thoughts, one thought at a time, it will get much easier to shift your perspective. All efforts will be worth it when you transform your life.

Why desires don’t manifest

But why don’t I receive my desire? Perhaps you contradict this new thing to flow. For instance, you have visualized and affirmed that you are financially abundant. You have set out a positive energy and the universe did respond to that but then when a bill arrived, a shirt was too expensive for you, your kid broke an expensive vase, you transmitted lack of money instead of abundance and so that desire became stuck in between your frequency on abundance and lack. Choose a sight and stick to it and it will flow naturally. Stop contradicting this thing you want and let it flow into your experience. shift your thinking, change your life!

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