The roller-coaster month – February Forecast 2020

february forecast monthly ascension news 2020

February angel forecast 2020

February carries the energies of 2020tied together in 29 days. There will be great energy portals, light transmission events, and it will surely fast track our ascension progress quite a lot. If you prefer it in one phrase that will be a ‘rollercoaster month’.


Light portals in February

January still carried last year’s frequencies, and while we got glimpses of 2020 energy here and there, it wasn’t eminent. Now as we enter February, it brings a massive basket full of light goods! There are at least 3 light portals that open during the 2.2.2020, 22.2.2020, and on the new moon on 23rd. cosmic light flows freely during those days raising the frequency of the planet and broadcasting light activations our way. This will make you feel wobbly, and vibrating with energy.

Light portals open to make way to lighter frequencies to reside on earth. Until now earth sustained lower 3D frequency, but thanks to this cosmic light portals this is quickly changing. the more light on earth, the more joyful emotions, uplifting events, and circumstances follow.


Light brings life changes

If you pause your busy schedule and tune into your heart, you will feel a different sense of bliss, joy, peace that wasn’t there before. A little bit more we expand and we transform our consciousness as it matches the new lighted Earth.

This month expect a lot of changes to take place in your life, as the light that you now carry spreads through various areas of your physical life; relationships, jobs, love life, financial life. it brings you ideas, new people, opportunities, as well as life changing decisions. This month officially marks the beginning of 2020 (energy wise), so be careful to make the right choices based on your well-being. Listen to your inner guidance, act on your impulses and you will be greatly rewarded.


Releasing the density

The earth elevates and lifts the veil of hardship and chaos that it used to carry. Timelines of wars, earthbound souls, and dense timelines lift and are released into the light, living it more elevated, and vibrant. As earth clears and lifts the density from within its core, chaos might suffice on the surface (just like it did with the fires). Some natural disasters will show up, like volcano eruption and powerful storms. Trust that all is for the Highest good, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first.

Just like the earth clears chaos and attachments of fear, so you also go through the cleansing. Fears, and past traumas might show up, but also physical pain or illness that are a result of cells cleansing from dense frequencies. Allow your body time to recover and trust the process. Do not give in the fear, or negative thinking. Trust that all always works out for you.

February marks the 2020 energy transmissions. This means that you will get moments of complete peace and euphoria, but also moments facing your deepest fears. There is no longer room for avoiding who you’ve been, and what comes up. You have to listen to your inner wisdom, listen to your fears, let them be, learn from them. The only way to release what holds you back is to face it, and this comes up quite strongly in February. Do not hide in the shadows. Accept who you are. Face yourself boldly in the mirror and release all the negative self-beliefs. The only way to move on to the next step is if you are honest with yourself.

February casts us a powerful spotlight, so that we face who we are. Look at how far you’ve come, look at who you have become. Face all that is you and learn to accept it. Self-love is no. 1 in 2020, and this theme will come up again and again to help us make amends with the person staring back at us in the mirror.

Lightworker initiations

Find time to work on your spiritual gifts. Meditate, pause often, listen to your inner wisdom, follow your impulses as this month many will be guided to powerful initiations.  Those occur when you have reached a point in your ascensionthat you will receive special activations or you will be guided to inner gifts. Pause every day for a few minutes; let your inner wisdom guide you. a simple intention of identifying a message from your Higher self, is enough to allow the wisdom to flow as you pause in stillness. Once you receive those messages act on them.


 We might move in deeper in 5D energy, but we’re not yet free from the 3D illusion. Practice a lot of self-love, and forgiveness, and appreciate those moments of bliss as they will increase.


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