Did you know that people can have energetic wings? It is true.

A little background story before I get to the explanation. I have a friend who works with energy and auras. She spotted some “weird symmetrical energy” on my back but she was baffled as she didn’t notice anything like this before. She tried to touch that energy and she described it as “light and soft”. The color was bright white, and this energy looked as wings, attached on my back. I was amused as I was unaware of this information and I definitely wanted to find out more.

Does that mean I am an earth angel, do they represent my connection with the angels, or is it something else altogether?

The best way to receive the answers is to connect with the angels themselves. This is their answer that definitely answers all my questions:

This energy that is attached with you, it is the energetic extension of your physical vessel, that is connected with your spiritual gifts. It is in other words, your spiritual power, attached with you, like wings. Angels do not have a vessel, if they did, the energy wings will also be following them, as it represents their spiritual form. Your spiritual form is similar in that way. Not many people get these energy wings, not because they don’t have them, but because they don’t evolve their spiritual power. As you enhance your gifts, and practice them, those energy wings will grow. It is a representation of how well crafted your spiritual gifts are.

Since you are all earth angels, or earth angels – in – the – making, all can unravel those energy wings as they work on their mental powers, the more in sync you are with your spirituality, the easier is to craft and grown your spiritual powers.

You can tune into their energy simply with your awareness. Close yours eyes and meditate on that part, you will soon fill its attachment with you, as it is a part of you, similar to your hands. Some people may even fill their “weight” or may capture them in an energy picture.

Those energy wings are a blessing and just a sign of your empowerment.”

The more spiritually awakened you are, the more these gifts become known to you.

A way to “awaken” those wings is to remove blocks that keep you from happiness and from your spiritual path. Those blocks can be limiting beliefs or patterns that keep you from truly accessing your greatest potential. The more self work you do, the more those blocks are lifted. A way to do this is to be present with your thoughts and recognize where you are limiting yourself. Are you affirming in a negative way, do you notice any fears or patterns that make you upset? Recognize all that and while in meditation ask your Angels and guides to help you remove them. Sitting in meditation with your higher self will make you feel happier, more aligned and will help those energetic wings become known.

The more of this spiritual work you do on your self, the more you will notice little tinglings or soft pain on your back, where the wings are. I have noticed it myself very often recently. I feel like my energy wings are awakening. This means that i’m more spiritually aligned and empowered.

I have heard many people receive insight or words through meditation saying:
“Your wings are ready”. This happened to me too! so what does this mean?

While in meditation words formed in my mind: “your wings are ready, use them.” Wings are a representation of our inner power and gifts. When our wings are ready usually means that our spiritual awakening is underway, that will guide is in exceptional insight and spiritual gifts. we are able to use our “wings” by stepping out of the chatter of our mind and finding inner peace. The more we do this, the more our spiritual gifts expand and grow.

I’ll keep you updated once i figure out how i can make use of this wings in a deeper way. Any ideas?! Do you feel those energy wings too?


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  1. Rich

    I often feel my back have pain and I know I have my energetic wings. One time while I was sleeping I feel they move like two babies at my back and I woke up.

  2. Kelsey Worrell

    Im 12 and I feel like i have wings like that but ou know where wings usually are on your back? I actually feel like there are wings there sometimes and I feel movement too I dont know what type of wings they could be but I dont know what this is Ive only started feeling this in November of 2018.

    • Amelia Bert

      The wings start at the top of your back around 10-15cm down from your shoulder. Did you know there is a great event going on called: ascension? Most people elevate in vibration and enter higher consciousness. The month you mentioned was a high energy month, which means you are ascending and you don’t know about it yet. It is a very good thing. I suggest you follow through my blog to read more articles on the topic. you might also experience many more symptoms you are yet unaware. Much love to you.

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